Monday, May 16, 2011

Games in Review, May 16th, 2011

Forgive any brevity on my part  (or celebrate it, depending on your point of view), but my sinuses are killing me after doing some much needed yard work.  Last week was my Council of Thieves game.

The party is in the Nessian Spiral, a fairly nasty dungeon whose theme seems to be, "let's do ability damage/drain."  The party runs into a tortured celestial turned evil, and they manage to kill it after some nasty ability damage and drain both.  They find secret passages, rooms that shoot nasty amounts of stored up energy, and rooms for cooling down the Infernal Engine.

They head back out, have a quick but amusing round of role-playing with the local church of Abadar, and head back into danger.

The first fatality of the night came from a variant lich that is all that remains of one of the previous Lord Mayors.  Dhargentu Vheed was pretty rough on Nils and Elsbeth, and everyone else sought a distance solution.  An AoO did in Elsbeth as she tried to tumble past the lich to get into flanking range.  Then Nils finished the lich off, and he turned into grave dust that . . . did Constitution damage!

Eventually they end up finding the rooms where the Council of Thieves agents have been staging their operations.  After making some noise, the party runs into a gang of thugs, a Council of Thieves diabolist, and her imp familiar.

Darien, the oracle, is Suggested by the Imp to eliminate an imposter in the midst of his adventuring party, and he color sprays Nils.  When he tries to teleport he ends up taking physical and charisma damage.  The diabolist's flame strikes cause the second fatality of the evening, killing the half-orc sorcerer Urguk.

Monty the paladin finishes off the diabolist, and Nils is out cold.

It was a fun session.  We've got some potential inter-party conflict going on between Nils and Darien  (Chaos and Law always tend to rub each other the wrong way after a while), two dead party members, and a lot of dungeon to go.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to hunt up some sinus medicine and finish packing my things for the DC Adventures game tomorrow night.

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