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Games in Review, May 23rd, 2011

Last week I got to GM my DC Adventures game as well as play in my friend's Pathfinder Shackled City Adventure Path conversion.  Without further ado, let's see what those crazy government sponsored super heroes are up to in my Earth 52 campaign, shall we?

When last we left our heroes, they were a bit . . . at odds.  Myrmidon had stormed off after throwing the Bat Signal at Marathon, Fahrenheit slunk off through the Gotham City police department because of all of the attention he was garnering, and the rest of the team had teleported back to Belle Reve due to a message from Amanda Waller.

Waller drops the bomb on the group that Mongul has gone off the grid and her means of control isn't working the way she had hoped, and due to that failure, she's loathe to use Task Force X to bring him back under control  (even though Top totally would have had it under control).

Even though Myrmidon doesn't want to come back at first, a news report of Mongul entering Central City and threatening to tear it down brings him back around, and Necromancer gets a workout teleporting to and fro to gather Myrmidon, Fahrenheit, and the rest of the team.

To add insult to injury, or, um . . . to add mortality to injury, Mongul has Daemona pinned up to the famous billboard with various pointy objects.  Necromancer and Paradox jump to Daemona to see if she is alive, and when Necromancer fails to bring her back to life, Paradox takes care to pull her down so that she doesn't need to be displayed for all of the news crews below.  Of course, when Necromancer summons some ghosts, Daemona shows up to be one of the crew to attack Mongul.

(By the way, I got my slick Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition GM Screen this last week)

Early on, it didn't look good for our heroes.  Some of them had a hard time hitting Mongul at all, and the first few shots, Mongul laughed off, including the police car that Myrmidon threw at Mongul, which Mongul essentially just took in the face and shrugged off.  It looked even worse when he closed on Myrmidon, hit him hard, then grabbed him.  But then the tables turned.

Paradox turned Myrmidon intangible, but his power is subtle, so Mongul was still convinced that he was holding onto Myrmidon.  Mongul wasted a turn figuring out he was wrong . . . Beorn charged into Mongul repeatedly, Fahrenheit hit him with a heat blast, Necromancer's ghost swarmed him, but despite taking a few wounds, Mongul was still standing.  Marathon even managed to suffocate him . . . except that the space tyrant can hold his breath for months at a time.

So Mongul has taken tons of wounds, getting ready to try out his ground strike ability for everyone standing on the ground, and Paradox and Myrmidon manage to time a team attack to punch Mongul at the same time and knock him flat.  Best moment Mongul could have possibly fallen.

From a metagame perspective, this encounter does show the importance of action economy over power level.  Mongul was built as a PL 14 monster, but a team of PL 10 characters beat him.  Then again, six characters acting against one character does tend to add up on.

The rest of the evening consisted of Myrmidon's date with Vicki Vale and, oh yeah, some more super villains tracking down Fahrenheit and the team being reconstituted directly under the Department of Metahuman Affairs under Steve Trevor   (psyche evaluations next sessions).  Oh, and Fahrenheit tried to convince Vicki Vale that he was Myrmidon "powered down," and that he had to say a magic Greek word to transform, then spoke Latin about the time that Myrmidon showed up.

On Thursday, out group met for the next session of our Shackled City game.  This was to be our last session with our drow alchemist, but before we get to that particular exit, we ran into our rival adventuring company, the Stormblades, in the tavern we were in.  Oh, and I successfully defended someone charged with murder and ran into the Tiefling paladin in my "other life" and he recognized me.  Hm.

Anyway, originally our nemesis in the Stormblades was going to goad us into action and call the watch, again, rinse, repeat.  What ended up happening was that several of use got in some really vicious zingers and we spent a massive amount of gold buying rounds for the tavern.

We went to the Rainy Season Festival or what it might have been called  (sorry to forget the proper holiday), and we found out that apparently the locals depend on the churches in town to control the lake with wands, and the priest bringing in the wands got waylaid at the Lucky Monkey outside of town.  This looks like a job for the Company of Whispering Madness!

After a nightmarish ride to the country inn which saw me take a lot of damage from repeatedly falling off my horse  (hey, who knew, I'm not a contender to be a cavalier), we showed up outside of the Lucky Monkey, and planned our assault.  Oddly, our half-drow alchemist slipped away from us as we were trying to figure out how to storm in the front door.

As has happened in the past, our drow wandered off on his own, and decided to go to the back out the inn.  We went in the front, and battered the doors down.  As the half-drow was climbing up the back of the building, apparently a rather large supernatural primate reached out the window and pulled him in.

Our front door assault team ran into a pair of raptors, which we made quick work of.  So quick that I think I pretty much just ran up to them and then watched them die close up.  Then our elderly cleric heard screams of agony that might just have been uttered by a half-drow alchemist, so we attempted to get to the back of the building.

The werebaboon that grabbed the drow was joined by several more apes, or monkeys, or whatever  (I've no ranks in zoology).  Nathaniel made to to the threshold, cast calm emotion to slow down the impending doom bearing down on the half-drow, but it didn't seem to work on the werebaboon.

We finally get to the back of the building just in time to watch the half-drow get slaughtered and his tongue eaten  (hence our foe's nickname, "Tongue-eater").  Eventually, the rest of the party moved in, and we managed to completely kill the opponents, find a half-drow female affiliated with the cleric bringing in the wands, as well as a lot of corpses.

Upon returning home, we found out that a rogue watch captain that is apparently hiding in the lava tubes outside the city has something to do with this nefarious plot, so after briefly mourning our half-drow alchemist  (and crossing him off my list of people likely to kill my character), we decided that next session was a good time to net us a renegade watch member.

This week, I get to GM my Council of Thieves game.  See you next Monday!

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