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Untapped Potential: Characters I'd Like to Play--Joshua Goodheart (Superhero Genre)

In case anyone is reading this that didn't read my old blog, or at least my old blog post that started this train of thought for me, I started posting some thoughts on RPG characters that I would like to play, but that I have never got the chance to use.

Unlike my last character concept, which was much more of a concept that would wait until an appropriate campaign to fill in the details, this one is fleshed out a bit more.  So long as the character is used in a modern super hero setting, the details work out the same.

Joshua Goodheart

Joshua Goodheart is a lawman from the southwestern United States, from a family of lawmen, reaching back to his famous great great grandfather, Solomon Goodheart, the hero of Temple Hill.  Joshua lived his life trying to live up to the legend of his ancestor, being the best law man that he could be, always wondering if he was doing his best.

Eventually, Joshua runs afoul of Lucius Morningstar, corrupt industrialist and the man that blackened the soul of Temple Hill.  Morningstar owns Temple Hill, and when Joshua tries to expose his corruption, Morningstar ruins his reputation, ends Joshua's career, and demolishes the Temple Inn, the hotel that the Goodheart family has owned since Solomon's retirement.

In the ruins of the Temple Inn, Joshua finds an antique six shooter, apparently from the time of his great great grandfather.  Not only does he find the gun, but he finds old newspapers, legal documents, business ledgers, an diaries that paint a very different image of his famous ancestor than the image seen by the world at large.

While Solomon did, indeed, fight evil land barons, bandits, and desperadoes far and wide, and while he did make Temple Hill safe and prosperous, in his later years, Solomon gave in to human weakness.  The Temple Inn was originally a casino and brothel, and Solomon began to take bribes to influence the direction of the city and in the appointment of citizens to political positions.

Solomon died the kind of man that Lucius Morningstar appears to be now.

It is at this time that the spirit of Solomon Goodheart appears to his descendant.  The ghost takes some time to calm down his great great grandson, and then explains that he was a weak man.  He explains that for all of the good that he did in his life, he performed an equal measure of evil, and more.  Solomon asks Joshua to take his six shooter and right the wrongs of this day and age.

When Joshua wishes to go and bring Lucius Morningstar to justice, Solomon tells him that now is not the time to stop Morningstar.  Joshua must leave Temple Hill, venture into the wide world, and balance the scales abroad before he comes home to to bring justice full circle.

The six gun can shoot ectoplasmic rounds, and never runs out of bullets.  The rounds can lay any being low, but they won't do permanent harm to anyone that the shooter wishes to leave alive.

Joshua packs up his things, heads across the USA, and looks for wrongs that need to be righted.  He is a skilled detective, but he puts on an old west affectation to help put people off their guard.


Just for fun I threw together Joshua Goodheart in Hero Lab for Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition, although I would give him a shot in any Supers game that could accommodate the concept.

Joshua Goodheart - PL 10

Strength 2, Stamina 4, Agility 4, Dexterity 4, Fighting 4, Intellect 2, Awareness 4, Presence 4


Accurate Attack, Assessment, Contacts, Defensive Roll, Diehard, Equipment 4, Fearless, Improved Aim, Improved Initiative, Improvised Tools, Languages 1, Luck, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Well-informed


Athletics 3 (+5), Close Combat: Unarmed 5 (+9), Deception 5 (+9), Expertise: American History 5 (+7), Expertise: Law Enforcement 5 (+7), Insight 5 (+9), Intimidation 5 (+9), Investigation 5 (+7), Perception 5 (+9), Persuasion 5 (+9), Ranged Combat: Pistols 4 (+8), Sleight of Hand 5 (+9), Stealth 5 (+9), Technology 3 (+5), Treatment 3 (+5), Vehicles 5 (+9)


Solomon's Sixgun (Easily Removable, indestructible)

Blast: Blast 12 (DC 27; Affects Insubstantial: half ranks, Penetrating, Ricochet: 1 bounce)

      Haunting Shot: Blast 8 (Alternate; DC 23; Affects Insubstantial: half ranks, Penetrating, Ricochet: 1 bounce, Secondary Effect)

      The Dead Shot: Progressive Affliction 9 (Alternate; 1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Will, DC 19; Progressive)

   Solomon's Watchful Eye: Protection 5 (+5 Toughness)


Brass Knuckles, Bulletproof Vest, Cell Phone (Smartphone), GPS Receiver, Motorcycle, Toolkit (Basic)


Initiative +8
Blast: Blast 12, +8 (DC 27)
Brass Knuckles, +4 (DC 18)
Grab, +4 (DC Spec 12)
Haunting Shot: Blast 8, +8 (DC 23)
The Dead Shot: Progressive Affliction 9, +4 (DC Will 19)
Throw, +4 (DC 17)
Unarmed, +9 (DC 17)


Haunted: Joshua is haunted, from time to time, by the ghost of his great great grandfather Solomon.

Vengence: Joshua Goodheart wants desperately to put Lucius Morningstar behind bars for what he did to the town of Temple Hill and to the Goodheart family.


English, Spanish


Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 8, Toughness 10/9, Will 9

Power Points

Abilities 56 + Powers 21 + Advantages 19 + Skills 37 (73 ranks) + Defenses 17 = 150

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