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Games in Review, June 13th, 2011

Its time for the Monday recap of last week's gaming.  Last week this time consisting of me GMing my Pathfinder Council of Thieves Adventure Path campaign, still be run at the good old Armored Gopher Games, also known as the best game store ever.

So the group ended the last session having shut down three of the four cooling towers of the infernal engine under the Lord Mayor's ruined mansion.  Heading to the fourth one, there was a hiccup in the plans.  The cooling basin was broken, and there's a psychotic river Styx water elemental in the room.

The elemental continued the theme of "things that cause you to need to use some form of Restoration," as being an elemental made of Styx water, it caused negative levels.  The elemental also introduced another new theme for the latter half of this adventure, that of having a rather low will save for something in an 8th-9th level adventure.

Between the oracle and the bard, the elemental never had a chance.  On the other hand, the PCs had a hard time using the Keyrod to shut down the cooling tower without loosing the Keyrod, so they moved on to the next tower, with the intent of backtracking to this one after the fifth one was shut down.

Of course, secret doors are really enticing.  The PCs wandered through a few of those after they found the fifth cooling tower and shut it down.  One had a Rakshasa that wanted to perform a play and then gang anyone watching the play.  But Chesterfield had the contract for the place, and the whole group was wary, so she never got to make her performance.

Still, the group meanders on before they go back to cooling tower four.

Look, a meeting of gargoyles.  The gargoyles were brought into the Nessian Spiral due to their resistance to fire, "employed" by Darghentu Vheed  (the lich that was the temporary demise of the party rogue).  Again, having a bard with a contract, and a party willing to not attack, helps out a lot.

The group finally shut down the fourth cooling tower before returning to the secret passages and the inward spiraling path that leads to the Pit Fiend Liebdaga.  The polar worm above is standing in for a behir, which the sorcerer blasted with magic missiles, and yet it still fell victim to the dreaded will save.  So the behir curled up in the corner purring after "realizing" that the group wandering through the ruins was actually "friendly."

Hey, look!  Its a construct!  You know what that means . . . no enchantment effects for this fine specimen of stone guardian.  Still, the bard put out the braziers on either side of the stone guardian, which shut down its fast healing, and the paladin jumped in front of his friends to defend them from its breath weapon, and then it was slowed  (because, you know, stone guardian, not golem).

Respectable monster that actually got a few slams in on the paladin, of all people.  The guy that has the equivalent of the Endor force field around him.  And if it hadn't been slowed, it would have had more attacks to spread around.  Ouch.

Eventually the group runs into a very powerful inevitable that sits in the dungeon enforcing the contract with the pit fiend.  Thankfully, the group had the contract, and on top of that, they made a good enough impression that it was willing to share a few details about the pit fiend, including the talisman that the PCs didn't find in the Hall of Mirrors that will likely help them out quite a bit later on.

Next up, a sorceress Medusa.  I like monsters that can do something "iconic" while still doing something else, so no matter how nasty it might be, I do like the Medusa and her gaze attack.  That having been said, I had a bit of a mental blip trying to remember all of the rules on gaze attacks, and for some reason, my "look up fu" seems to have slowed down quite a bit, as I used to be pretty fast finding rules that I couldn't remember fully.

The encounter still went pretty well, and fairly smoothly after one of my players graciously found the answers I couldn't seem to find due to my brain lock.  It actually worked out to be pretty fun, with the dwarf Hellknight and the Paladin hedging in the Medusa in the corner and using a table to provide cover for the rest of the party so they could safely enter the room.

The Paladin still got fried a bit by the medusa's scorching rays.  All in all, it was a bad night for the paladin, compared to some of the other sessions where he managed to walk through legions of sharp pointing things unscathed.

The party answered some riddles that magically lock the inner sanctum of the Nessian Spiral, and we all had a bit of a laugh,  because the "riddles" sounded less like riddles and more like trivia questions about the adventure to see of the players were paying attention.  The group waited to open the final lock because they wanted to cast as many protective and boosting spells as possible before they go in.

All in all, a fun night with a nice cliffhanger.  I just wish a few of the more of the bad guys had a shot at making Will saves.  Oh, and if you are going to have a trap with molten gold in it, assume the players will find some way to extract the gold and figure it into the treasure.

Oh, before I forget, I'm starting to get a handle on this whole Epic Words site and making the campaign page do what I want it to do.  I'm really excited about using this site, so, without further ado, here is the site for my DC Adventures campaign, which I'm running tomorrow night:

Earth 52 (DC Adventures Campaign)

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