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Games in Review, June 20th, 2011

Once again, all of this gaming goodness would not be possible without that awesome Armored Gopher Games, best game store ever!

Armored Gopher Games, Urbana, Illinois

Now, with the preliminary thank yous and shout outs in place, on to the actual recaps!

Last Tuesday was my DC Adventures game.  Hoo boy was it.

The party ended up separated due to Fahrenheit panicking when Myrmidon attempted to "help" him into confronting his fears on Zandia.  Fahrenheit gets tracked down by the White Wizard, which is fine with him, because he's ready to confront Waller.

After blasting the Top really good, and in return getting his bell rung by Conduit, Fahrenheit threatens to bleed all over Task Force X unless he gets to talk to Waller.  Fortuitously the rest of the team shows up not long after his request, and after being introduced to Waller's newest "reformed" allies, Mister Freeze and Major Force, the group decided to let Marathon cut off Waller's air flow until they got some answers.

She handed over a file that told the group that they had all died of terminal illnesses, and were brought back to life by some experimental Apokalips technology.  Fahrenheit is skeptical, Marathon is livid, and everyone else is really wondering what the heck is going on.  But they all leave . . .

Just in time to meet Wonder Girl's mom, grab some magic Greek artifacts  (including the dragon's teeth that Cadmus used to grow his armies), and the group was off to follow the magic sextant off to the "mysterious" island.  Learning the island is Themyscira, Steve Trevor tells the group he'll provide the transport with the DMA invisible helicopter, and the group is confronted on the airstrip by . . .

Black Adam!  Who offers to put them somewhere safe while the Reckoning destroys the world so that they can help him rule over and protect the chosen few that he saves to repopulate the Earth.  Unfortunately, Necromancer didn't recognize Black Adam, and the rest of the table has their first WTF moment of the night . . . "I shoot him in the face."

I'd like to say that Necromancer made a good accounting of himself, but Black Adam didn't even flinch.  Thankfully, Paradox is really good at talking, and he manages to calm Black Adam down with a polite refusal and apology.  Black Adam tells them they are doomed, but he may still claim them if they he sees them in a moment of weakness before the Reckoning.

Steve Trevor gives the party instructions on Amazon etiquette, mainly, don't look at anything that might get them in trouble and bow and scape.  Apparently Myrmidon didn't quite comprehend, because upon arriving on the island, he takes offense at Artemis' vehement orders, and dumps the teeth on the beach, unleashing an army of undead soldiers loyal to Myrmidon's father . . .

Yup.  Ares.  Cliffhanger time.  Most of the party is ready to kill Myrmidon, they just need to figure out if it's a figurative or literally death they are planning.

And, for the second gaming night of the week, I'm once again filling in for my friend while he's got some scheduling difficulties and our Shackled City Pathfinder RPG game is on hold.  Last Thursday I ran a Western Horror/Horrible Western one shot.

This time around I found some really nice screen inserts, as well as some nice combat summary player handouts:

The group was playing a band of outlaws that had settled down in a town called Dusk, and nearly given up their criminal ways, when an corrupt marshal tracked them down and held the whole town hostage.  In his fervor to get back at the criminals he'd been tracking for so long, he killed all of the townsfolk he rounded up, and then our outlaw "heroes" took care of the marshal.

The party starts out making some survival checks after wandering the desert  (which HollowerFollower's character managed to fail).  They get surrounded by some other outlaws, hoping to get pardoned and collect a bounty on them, and gunfire ensues.  And wounds.

They meet a mysterious figure named Gabe, wander into a town named Revelation, and they end up in a replica of Dusk's brothel, complete with acid weeping undead prostitutes, which the group promptly shoots dead . . . er . . . redead?

They find a holy water font outside of the church in town, take Gabe's advice to dip their weapons in holy water, and meet their old friend the blacksmith, who dissolves into a red mist that tries to kill them.  Oddly, one of the outlaws, that always aims for the head, was a bit confused at where to aim on the red mist.

In the replica of Dusk's tavern, the group runs into a town load of walking  (and hungry) dead, and the group seems to do fairly well mowing down one side of the bar.  Then the Irish brawler punches the head off of one of the zombies, but is within snacking distance of the other half of the zombies, and, well, because lunch.

So, last week, HollowerFollower's character took brain damage, lost an eye, and his ability to reproduce.  This week, he got eaten.  Thankfully, I had extra pregens floating around, so another member of the gang happened into town.

In the church, they found the Marshal they killed, and found out that he made a deal with the devil to get one more chance to send his enemies to Hell before he had to go himself.  The group, however, prevailed and shot him dead . . . again.

Then they were confronted with a man in black named Lou, and Lou offered them a deal, but the group decided to try and walk the straight and narrow and do some work for Gabe instead of returning to a life of crime.

I had a lot of fun, once again, running this one shot, and the players were a blast.

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