Monday, June 6, 2011

Games in Review, June 6th, 2011

It's time to look back on the last week of gaming!  First off, we had my DC Adventures/Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition game from Tuesday night. 

I don't know that I can do justice to the session the way two of my players have in their own blogs.  I've give the short form here, and set you up with some links in case you are interested in reading a much better synopsis.

The party ended up getting a call from their boss to fight Savitar at the Flash museum, ended up in the future, found out that they were in a dream, found a lost bunker related to the Reckoning that some of the bad guys keep mentioning, and in the end, found out that 4/5 members of the team register as Apocalypse/Human hybrids, and one registers as an Olympian/Human hybrid.

HollowerFollower's Recap

GopherDave's Recap

I tried something a bit different for this session.  Marathon doesn't sleep, so he was never going to get caught in Doctor Destiny's false future dream.  Before the session, I went over what Marathon would do when he found his friends, and the course his investigation would follow.  We rolled to see where he was at, and once the PCs figured out they were in a dream, we would start up with where Marathon was in the real world.

The Apokalips DNA swerve seemed to catch the players off guard, so it was fun to spring on them.  I am really enjoying this campaign, and I hope the players are all enjoying it as well.  They are really giving me a lot to work with and play off.

Thursday night's game night was a little different this week.  Our GM had a family emergency, so we talked the night before the session and he asked if I had anything I could run.  I told him I might be able to throw together a Savage Worlds one shot, and I went searching on the internet for what I was looking for.

Savage Heroes' Aliens Versus Predators Conversion

The Savage Heroes site has a lot of fan material for Savage Worlds, and for some reason, I felt like running a bunch of Colonial Space Marines through an alien infested terraformed planet.  To be honest, it was a pretty simple scenario, and the most amount of prep time was creating the pre-generated characters. 

It seemed like everyone had a lot of fun.  I made a few mistakes my first outing as a Savage Worlds GM, but nothing too drastic or game breaking.  HollowerFollower's marine managed to loose an eye, take brain damage, injure his guts, and loose his reproductive ability. 

We also learned that a d4 in healing can be a dangerous thing . . . "Sarge, quit helping!"  Also, yes, we had the spawn of GopherDave in the game, and he used his 40K space marine model for the session, in contrast to the very generic representational minis used in the session . . . ;)

 The session was a lot of fun, and I'm going to throw together a Western themed one shot for next Thursday, as our GM will still be having some scheduling difficulties.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy the session.


  1. Your DC game sounds awesome. I really should get around to typing up ours in some form or other....

  2. I really like Savage Worlds evethough I haven't get a chance to play or run it (yet). Especially western or superheroes intrigue me. After reading this I maybe should plan something as one-shots are nice boost to normal "game X Y times per week" schedule. Want to share your SW session notes either in your blog or email them to me (timonen90[at]hotmail[dot]com)? I would appreciate that.

  3. @Kev, yeah, the DC game has been a blast so far. I'm having a lot of fun with it, and the players seem to be enjoying it.

  4. @Blue_Hill, I'm thinking about throwing together a post on what I did to prep for the Savage Worlds session, which was pretty much just throwing together an outline.