Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Comic Book Day #5: In the Trenches

I was, at one time, going to point out that I actually felt a bit sorry for DC, and that my opinion of the reboot had softened a bit after I read a few articles about recent court rules involving Superman.  It's actually pretty clear that if something doesn't change on the legal front, Superman may actually be legally required to be rebooted, and predicated upon that thought, I started to understand this entire situation.

But then DC reminded me that they can take any bad situation and make it worse.  How can I sum up my feelings upon reading some of the "it's not a reboot reboot ideas?"

Yes, indeed.  I'm madder than a telepathic ape beating an artificially evolved ape to death with a disembodied brain that the artificially evolved ape was in love with.  If only we could all solve our problems the way Grodd can, life would be much more . . . well, violent to be honest.

First off, let's be positive, shall we?  I like Nightwing, and I've not been a fan of Dick as Batman Junior, especially now that Bruce is back.  Also, of all of the "not a reboot" Jim Lee costumes I've seen, this one is probably one of the least bothersome to me.

I'm probably just biased because in looking at the costume I didn't say either "who the hell is that suppose to be," or "they aren't seriously putting them in that costume, are they?"

However, one character that did make me say the latter was poor Black Canary, now missing her computer literate buddy Oracle on Birds of Prey.

I'm wondering if Jim Lee patented Fishnet Armor after he made this costume.  I have to say, the costume manages a feat that I did not think was possible.  It actually looks worse to me than Black Canary's "Legends" era 80's nightmare outfit.

I wish the artwork was the only thing making me opine that I was Grodd on a brain bashing bender.  Just the very title "Justice League Dark" causes me fall into a temporal paradox where me as a child is weeping reading an issue of Justice League Detroit and having a premonition that this won't be the worst Justice League concept ever.

The only thing better would be if every artist that draws John Constantine from now on is directed to make him look like Keanu Reeves.  Whoa . . .

Looks like I'm getting more millage out of this picture.

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  1. For a while now, I've felt like either Black Canary or Zatanna needed to change their outfit. They look too similar in my mind; like a double act with only one top-hat between them. ;p If I had to pick one of them to change, it would have been Canary.

    But the new out isn't very inspired, is it? It looks like she's joined the X-men. I guess I would have gone with something different. Perhaps corset, trousers, fight-gloves, mask and Kamen Rider-esque long scarf. The scarf would look great, fluttering with all her martial arts. I think the new Wonder Woman outfit look would fit BC a lot better than it did/does WW.