Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Comic Book Day #6: A Bold New Direction, And Also Audience Participation

Hello all!

In my ongoing, generally futile effort to remain as positive as possible, I'm switching gears.

I'm trying to find some comic books to read that fit my tastes.  My general interest, in case anyone missed it, runs along the line of DC style books.  In other words, somewhat detached from reality, more legendary in scope.  Not that I don't like comics that do dip into "reality + super powers" once in a while.

So, I'm asking anyone that reads this blog, that is somewhat versed in modern comics, for some suggestions about what comics to pick up.

I'll be interested to see the suggestions people come up with, and as always, I'll be thrilled to hear from all (handful) of my readers . . .

Edit:  In case the irony didn't come through, I'm not really planning a bold new direction.

Edit, The Sequel:  I'm hoping to post a fashion show of new costumes eventually, but its not happening this week.


  1. Looking forward to the fashion show!

    Also; I don't feel qualified to suggest comics to you, as your knowledge vastly outstrips my own. :D

  2. I'm way late on this one, but I'd suggest some early 90s era Valiant.

  3. @Matt, thanks, I'll have to do some checking and see how much of that is available in trades (I'm a lazy old man and cannot be bothered to play catch up on stories when it involves finding individual issues) . . . ;)