Monday, July 11, 2011

Games in Review, July 11th, 2011

Can't say that I have too much to report this week.  Since I ended my Pathfinder game, last Thursday was the character creation session for my Savage Worlds Hellfrost game.  I'm fairly certain we have six of seven characters nailed down, and I'll do some follow up on the characters after my DC Adventures game tomorrow night.

I was going to snag a copy of all of the character sheets so I have them for references  (especially important in games where taking flaws or drawbacks is part of the game, so Mr. GM doesn't fall down on his "make the character's life interesting" part of the job), however, I wanted to make sure everyone had settled into their character decisions before I do any collecting, so I should snag these after our first session next Thursday.

I'm only just now getting an idea of what we are doing, since I wanted to see the characters we had before I narrowed down what part of the setting I was going to use.  Brand new to actually running in the setting, so I wanted some way to narrow down my options.

More on things as they develop, but I'm starting to get some exciting ideas on what to do in this campaign.  Hopefully I can pull it all off in a way that is entertaining to the group as a whole.

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