Monday, July 18, 2011

Games in Review, July 18th, 2011

First off, I'm being really bad and posting this while I watch Alphas on Sy Fy  (obligatory ugh for the stupid name).  I'm still figuring out what I think of the series.  I kind of like it, but I still feel like it's early to make a judgement on it.

Also, I'm bad.  I haven't posted pictures of my DC Adventures game for a while, but at the same time, I don't have much to post.  With my old Pathfinder campaign, I was drawing maps, using minis, and using handouts.  My DC Adventures game is pretty much without minis of any sort, and if I need any kind of tactical representation, I fall back on good old fashioned graph paper.

As far as handouts and the like, a lot of that has been ousted by my use of Epic Words to post recaps and downloaded files:

At any rate, on to the recap!

After the horribly dangerous and convoluted place the PCs were in on Paradise Island, this week was somewhat less stressful.  We began with the group planning their new headquarters, funded, rules wise, by all the players contributing power points, but funded "in game" by Paradox's millions.

The thought process is that the group would like to have a headquarters that isn't directly funded or built by the government, even the DMA and Steve Trevor.  Mainly productive meeting of the group to discuss the new HQ, although Fahrenheit and Myrmidon have their heart's set on a "staff" including exotic dancers, and Beorn remaining insistent that the HQ be away from the metro area of Central City and be near the local forest preserve.

Marathon was especially resistant to the "college girls trying to make a living" working at the HQ due to the fact that he's decided to ask his ex-wife and daughter to move into the HQ so he can keep an eye on them and keep them safe.

The next part of the session had to do with the group meeting their new Central City PD liason, Detective Arnold Mazlo, just out of retirement in the Coast City PD and moved to Central City for a nice, quiet job advising the New Guard  (the name that the group has more or less settled on).

What followed was a lot of fun.  Mazlo was actually the android Amazo disguised as a retired cop, and I played up the "not quite understanding human interactions in a comfortable manner" aspect of the android personality.  The group got suspicious, and Necromancer and Myrmidon teleported to Coast City to investigate.

Mazlo took the New Guard for beer and pizza  ("I have found that tense social interactions can often be defused by having the parties involved enjoy beer and pizza together").  Fahrenheit was actually completely sold on Mazlo once beer and pizza were mentioned, but Necromancer and Myrmidon found Mazlo's corpse, and all Hell broke lose.

The highlights of the fight include Amazo ringing Marathon's bell  (almost, but not quite KOed in one shot, the worst injury he's taken in the campaign, especially since the character is actually built to primarily take damage), Amazo taking nine wounds/bruises before going down  (and rolling four 1s on Toughness checks during the fight), and Paradox throwing Beorn, in bear form, ten stories in the air to hit Amazo while flying . . . twice.

All six heroes ganged up on Amazo and managed to bring him low, then proceeded to take out all of their frustration on him repeatedly, pounding him to components and then taking his head to STAR labs to be decrypted  (using Paradox's shiny new security clearance as ranking DMA member).

The party also wanted to follow up on the Black Hand killing them triffle, so they did some poking around in Waller's files, had Necromancer perform some rituals, and tracked Black Hand down.

Black Hand was a short fight, given that he's only a PL 11 character, but with some serious connections on the cosmic level.  He tried to get the party to kill him, then tried to kill himself, but the group snared him in Fahrenheit's heat constructs, took his cosmic rod and his Black Lantern ring, and shuffled him off to Coast City to the authorities  (not wanting to take him back to Belle Reve and put him in Waller's reach).

In Coast City, Paradox had a strange compulsion to sit down and write a report about everything the New Guard knows about the Reckoning, and then forget he wrote the report, while Marathon and Myrmidon flew to the Zandian bunker to stash the Black Lantern ring.

Hooray, plot threads!


  1. "almost KO'd in one shot"???

    Feh... Marathon took two bruises (and regenerated one of those by the end of the fight) and was dazed for a round...

    Yes, it rung his bell, but Marathon is far too cynical to go out like a chump... =P

  2. Still, you had that look of momentary concern that only crosses the face of a man about to imagine his own imaginary demise . . . or something like that . . . ;)