Sunday, August 21, 2011

Comic Book Update (Call it Comic Book Day #0)

Since I decided to diversify from my DC Comics obsession, I've picked up a few collections to see what I like when it comes to those comics as potential future obsessions.  A lot of these babies have come from Thwipster (click the link to check it out, and, full disclosure, if you buy from them, I get a dinky bit more to spend on my collection), and I've been pretty happy with the service thus far.

So far I've checked out Invincible:

Quick verdict:  Most likely to pick up another collection.  Enjoyed it, and it had a lot of "old school" super heroics on top of a distinctly unique voice.

I have also picked up Irredeemable:

Quick verdict:  I liked it enough to read more, but it's not light reading.  This isn't just a simple "good guy gone bad" concept.  It's a pretty dark look at a guy that kept spiraling further down a dark path.  It's the kind of book that I want to keep following, but I need to clear my palate before jumping into another volume.

On a lark, I picked up Northlanders, since I'm running a Hellfrost game (which is heavily Norse inspired):

Quick Verdict:  I liked the book, but it's on the second string.  Not because it's not a quality story, but I'm not always in the mood for a gritty viking story told in more modern voice.  Still an interesting read, and after I cycle through a few more series, I might pick up another collection to see what the subsequent stories are like (this volume is a complete story arc, and the other collections pick up on other characters not originating in this storyline).

So far, I'm pretty happy that all of the books have been worth both the price I paid for them and the time I invested in the books to read them.  Next up on the list:

1.  Astro City

2.  The Walking Dead

3.  Incorruptible

Any other suggestions would be welcome, and one I cycle through those three, I'm thinking I'm going to hit round two of Invincible, and then the next round of Irredeemable.

For anyone that's interested, I'll play pimp now.  Thwipster has the following things for sale right now:

FF Collection Volume One, by Jonathan Hickman

Nifty Flash Statue based on his appearance in DCU Online

Criminal Deluxe Edition by Ed Brubaker

Now I can't directly speak for any of the above items, not owning them myself, but I can say that Thwipster is a really neat site to look around for deals  (which shift every 24 hours, except the weekly deal), and I've found some really good stuff there so far.

And, hey, if you go there, why not use this link so the pimp can make his bread . . . or something:

KnightErrantJR's Pimp Link to Thwipster

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