Monday, August 15, 2011

Games in Review, August 15th, 2011

On top of my DC Adventures game, I got to run a fill in one shot for a friend last week on Thursday as well.  Since I got the call on Tuesday, and I was a little busy, I started working on my one shot, oh, about 10 at night on Wednesday.

As I have mentioned earlier, my go to game for one shots is Savage Worlds, and I had been kicking around an idea about doing a Ghostbusters one shot for a while.  I was greatly inspired by the old West End Games Ghostbusters RPG.  The starting conceit of the game is that you are opening up a new Ghostbusters franchise, and not playing the established characters in the original New York branch.

I also wanted to give a shout out to this site:

Savage Ghostbusters Fan Site

While I didn't use all of the rules, it did give me a quick reference as to how equipment should work without forcing me to think too much on my own.

In order to get the game up and running, I handed out the pregens, and asked the group where their new franchise was based from. We already established that this was the Chicago branch of Ghostbusters, International, but I wanted the exact place that the new franchise set up shop.

After only a few suggestions, pretty much everyone settled on the HQ being an old Dogs n' Suds eatery.

The next step was to determine what kind of transportation the group had.  It actually didn't take very long for the group to come up with their chariot, a refitted school bus of the shorter variety.

It didn't take very long at all of me to realize this might possibly have been one of my favorite one shots ever to run, despite the outcome (more on that later).  The group was hired by an actor famous for playing a "sparkly" vampire because of a death threat he received, which led him to assume the vampire community of Chicago was out to get him.

By the time the initial hiring was over, the PCs had made opposed reflex checks, multiple times, to steal food from a buffet that the actor's agent was guarding, parked illegally and gotten a boot put on the bus, illegally changed the ID of their vehicle, and assaulted an officer.

Upon learning that there was an Italian restaurant that used to be the home of Chicago's mafia vampires, the Ghostbusters headed to the establishment, all "discreetly" in full gear, while one of them loudly asked where the vampires hung out.

Escorted to the back room, they meet an alderman, who happens to be a vampire, and while the "face" of the group tried to talk to the alderman about what was going on, two other members of the group pulled their wands and pointed them at the vampire politician, and his henchmen flooded the room.

A fight ensued.  Lots of carnage.  Some vampires trapped in mist form in ghost traps.  One member of the team blowing a hole in the wall while running out with an unconscious member of the team.  That same member trying to drive the bus through the wall, hoping to run over said alderman, and oddly, not harming the vampire while running over all of his team members that were still in the office.  Oh, and one of the Ghostbusters was dual wielding positron colliders at one point in the fight?

Did I mention that one of the guys had an imaginary friend, and eventually the entire party was talking to said imaginary friend?

The adventure went way off track  (I really never intended them to fight the vampires, for example), the party almost all died, and everyone still seemed to have a blast.  Truly, it was a night to ham it up and come up with some out there ideas.  Everyone seemed to run with the comedy nature of the material, and we had a blast.

However, if we try this again, I'm pretty sure Chicago is going to be a Ghostbusters International-free Zone in the future.

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  1. I heard about this from one of the players and I was laughing the entire time he recounted the adventures. Sounds like a wonderful game.