Monday, August 8, 2011

Games In Review, August 8th, 2011, or, I'm a Mean GM

Last week was my Hellfrost campaign's second adventure.  I was going to post some pictures that I took of what I take to the game these days and discuss some physical stuff about what I carry and where things sit.  On the other hand, once I killed over the half the party in one shot, I figured that, perhaps, I should move away from any sagely trappings.

Thankfully, we avoided the . . .

So what happened?  Well, investigating the cult that the party was tangling with last time, they were directed towards a mysterious house out in the wilderness, and well, let's cut to the chase.  Sometimes, zombies aren't enough, and a GM uses zombies that explode.  Sometimes, when a GM uses zombies that explode, those zombies bunch up in a hallway with some players.

Sometimes, player character attempt to blow up zombies, and then zombies explode, and start a chain reaction when all four bunched up zombies go off in close succession, and then player characters are reduced to a smoking ruin, unless they were hiding in a chimney or outside of said house.

Anyway, the catastrophic culling of player characters led to me rethinking how I was handling the campaign, and since two of the survivors are fairly certain their characters would take the money they found and retire, we'll be moving forward with but one "original" cast member going forth.

I've been trying to get a handle on this new campaign.  I've been approaching it in much the same way that I did two of my really successful and enjoyable Forgotten Realms campaigns, but I think, especially in light of the nature of Savage Worlds, that I was a bit too open both with the campaign theme and with my opening session.

I didn't go with quite the restrictive theme that I originally thought I was going to, but I am going to have the new party go on a bit of a longer, more obvious job to do some team building, and hopefully to throw some interesting plot hooks and NPCs at them to see which ones they nibble on.

And if I'm lucky, I won't off five PCs in one night again.


  1. You only killed three! Though, for a very very brief moment, I was hoping for a TPK so you could add a slash on the board. Still glad I didn't die...

  2. Sometimes, it just happens....

  3. There is an aura of gaming voodoo over this game the likes of which I've never seen. Hoo boy.