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Games in Review (Early), August 14th, 2011

I've run two games since the last "Games in Review," and both turned out really well, so I decided to break up the old blog post into two separate posts to give each game its own chance to "breathe."  The first game we'll be ruminating about is my Earth 52 DC Adventures game.

First, I missed a session of this game, and am still trying to live this down.  On one hand, I'll never hear the end of  missing that session, but on the other hand, I'm pretty humbled that my guys keep telling me that I have to make up a session of the campaign because they missed that week's adventure.  Thanks guys!  Oh, and sorry again for missing the session before this one.  Ahem.

So, the team, newly dubbed the New Guard, had just finished their new headquarters.  Marathon and Myrmidon were flying back from Zandia, which took about four days or so.  In the meantime, debates continued between Fahrenheit, Necromancer, Beorn, and Paradox about the viability of staffing the headquarters with strippers.  

Pretty much everyone but Fahrenheit was against it.  But that was because Myrmidon wasn't there to back him up.

When everyone was home again, the action started, with Flash's Rogues deciding they needed to save face and making a scene in Central City.  Abra Kadabra broke the Rogues out of Iron Heights, and Captain Cold put together a team of Rogues that would be better suited to handle the New Guard.

The final lineup was Captain Cold, Heatwave, Abra Kadabra, Tar Pit, Girder, and Weather Wizard.  The fight started out rather amusingly.  I was really hamming it up with Abra, and Necromancer teleported behind him and managed to one shot him with is necrotic blast.

While it initially looked like it would be another bad showing for the Rogues, before the day was done, several wounds were handed out all around, and Myrmidon was actually knocked out, set on fire, and had an armored truck dropped on him.  He lived.

At the end of the fight, Agent Liberty shows up, berates the team for not noticing that Task Force X had an invasion plan for Gorilla City, and tells them there is a tanker ship full off captured innocent intelligent gorillas that Waller wants to question in case there are any Grodd sympathizers among them, since the buzz is that Grodd was hot on the trail of the Reckoning Device.

The group decides to set out to free the poor Gorilla City residents, but not before Marathon discusses the viability of going to Belle Reve to threaten Waller, which the rest of the team is concerned about, because it might:

1.  Result in Waller's death, and . . .

2.  Result in Necromancer, Fahrenheit, Beorn, and Marathon dying, since Waller has a dead man's switch on her linked to the above named heroes.

I will fully admit this was a fun session to have a full on team versus team fight for the New Guard before advancing the plot a bit further down the field.  What I really liked about this session was that a lot of rules got used to reinforce comic book tropes in the session.

Necromancer teleported in and did a one shot to Abra when he was unaware.

Beorn used a power stunt to thrown an armored car to create an area attack on a group of multiple Rogues.

Paradox used a lot of variety in his attacks.  He grew in size to slam an opponent with a giant sized fist.  He became intangible to allow a bad guy to hit one of his own buddies, and he made his fist super dense to land another blow.

Marathon made great use of throwing one opponent into another, especially when one had a damaging energy aura.

Fahrenheit got to use his nullify ability in combat against another flame based opponent, then got to throw fireballs and fire direct blasts.

Myrmidon got to . . . well . . . bleed and get a bit toasted from the fire.  Sorry about that.  

While I think this was definitely an example of a session where the rules supported tropes from the genre very well, I will fully admit that I noticed a flaw, with the help of a comment from one of my players.  I was so wrapped up on hamming up the villains that I didn't look for enough times to hand out hero points.  I was too stingy, and I freely admit I need to keep closer track of people's motivations and complications and rewarding them, especially in these long fights.

At any rate, I really enjoyed the game.  It was a long fight, but it felt like a lot was going on.  It never really felt like a grind to me, but a chaotic, "multi-page" comic book melee.  Not only was the fight something that felt, to me, like a good comic book fight, but the story advanced nicely towards the end, and the group provided their own complication at the end do to tactical discussions, and I'm excited to play again next time.

I hope everyone enjoyed the game as much as I enjoyed running it.

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