Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Return of Setting the Mood For Zombies

Tonight, in preparation for playing in the War of the Dead game at Armored Gopher Games, I decided to fire up the old Netflix yet again.  Netflix needs more zombie movies.  Really.

Tonight, I decided not to go as cheesy as to watch a bad remake of a Romero movie that wasn't anything like a Romero movie, and instead watched a bad authentic Romero movie that is nothing like a Romero movie.  A wise man once said that George Romero is the George Lucas of horror movies.  There may be some truth in that.

I don't want to spoil this movie for anyone, but . . . spoiler . . .

It's dumb.

Sorry, didn't mean to ruin that for anyone.  I particularly like the logic that if you can teach a zombie to eat some other form of meat, then they may no longer be a threat, and thus prove that perhaps we could learn to live side by side with zombie-kind.

Using that logic, the little kitties that end up eating grandma's flesh because she died and couldn't refill their dishes with Meow Mix proves that all cats have the potential to become dangerous man eaters and should not be allowed to exist.

At least I think you can assume that from the above situation.

Also, I love how the two old men in the movie are suppose to both be hidebound and unyielding in their "crazy" ideas, but one of the old men has the crazy notion that zombies should be hunted down and whacked, and most of the movie, and, oh, every other zombie movie ever, has pretty much born out the "crazy" zombie hunter's ideology.  Including this one.

I also like that everyone is waiting for the zombie to eat the horse as a sign of higher intelligence, while ignoring that same zombie's ability to RIDE THE HORSE!  I don't know about you, but I'm thinking it takes a little bit more higher functioning to ride a horse than to eat it.  Maybe I'm wrong.

I've got to fire up the original Night of the Living Dead sometime to wash the zombie equivalent of Jar Jar away, but not tonight.

Oh, originally, I was tempted to pick up one of the episodes of the Walking Dead from Amazon for a paltry two bucks, to see if I'm going to like the show  (which from everything I've heard is pretty solid), but I decided that I'm not going to watch the show until I read through my copy of the The Walking Dead Compendium Volume One, which should be arriving at my home shortly.


  1. Sure, it was no "Day of the Dead", but it was much more fun than those numerous shabby remakes. Calling it "Jar Jar" is a little harsh, no?

    I do have to confess, though; I have no idea how that zombie rode around like that. Plus, I thought that in 'Night', one of the zombies eats a rat/mouse. Also, didn't the zombie with no stomach in 'Day' reach out for meat from the store house? So I always thought it was flesh in general the Romero zombies went for. It took me out of it, wondering how the zombie hadn't just eaten the horse.

    Finally, I thought that the woman at the end is line for the 'Dumbest person in a zombie movie award'. Seriously? You're just going to walk up to her like that? Ugh. *face palm*

  2. You as that as if there is no greater insult than "Jar Jar," ;)

    Also, I'm not sure she gets the "Dumbest Person in a Zombie Movie Award," when there is a guy in the same movie that BITES A ZOMBIE in self defense.

    What's funny is, its actually entertaining in an over the top horror movie kind of way, but when you compare it to Romero's earlier "Dead" movies, it goes from being amusing to looking like George is either trying way too hard or parodying himself.

  3. I forgot about that. That's the swimming guy, right? Damn - this movie is filled with dumb people! Makes you wonder how they managed to survive as long as they did....

    And, no. There is no worse insult than to call someone/thing a Jar Jar. :D