Monday, September 26, 2011

Games in Review, September 26th, 2011

First off, the Hellfrost game is no more.  I ran dry, and at first I was going to jump into a Deadlands game, but in the end, I think I needed some time and distance and to build up some GM tricks before I started up another campaign.

I have often thought that it is a lot easier to picture the middle and the end of a campaign than the beginning of one, and coming off a campaign that never really quite got off the ground, I'm not sure I had a really good starting foundation for a campaign in me at the moment.

On the other hand, the DC Game has lots of inertia, and it's going great guns.

I'm two sessions behind on this as far as keeping everyone updated on the campaign, but thankfully the current story arc has been pretty closely tied together.  I decided to have some fun with Hypertime, that DC Comics invention that allowed them to use alternate realities when the DC Universe couldn't have alternate realities.  My version is a little easier to explain than the version that appeared in the Kingdom, mainly because I don't want my players to kill me in the middle of exposition.

Because the PCs are becoming very important, and because there are already 52 alternate universes, no other universes could spawn to encompass their alternate selves, causing Hypertime issues!  What is Hypertime?  You know what an alternate reality is?  Well, Hypertime is when no alternate reality ever existed, but an "artifact" or "construct" based on a potential alternate reality just kind of pops into existence, with all of the marks and memories of actually having been from an alternate reality that never existed.

The party starts off the first chapter of Hypertime Hijinks being called to the White House to receive commendations, then they promptly get fired.  Made even more amusing because Fahrenheit and Necromancer were both sure they were going to get fired before it happened.

Marathon was grumpy, and wanted to further discuss the situation with the POTUS, but before that could happen, a high tech hockey player calling himself Body Check and wearing repulsor skates attacked the party.  Body Check claims to be the arch nemesis of Paradox, and even knows his secret identity, which, when revealed to the rest of the New Guard, caused most of them to go . . . who?

Many Canadian jokes ensued, and party wasn't taking Body Check particularly seriously, until he knocked Paradox silly, and Marthon dunked Body Check in the Potomac, and the arch villain (such as he was) disappeared.

Doctor Fate showed up eventually, but it turns out Doctor Fate was Necromancer's mother Lorelei Jefferies-Cross, who in turn tells her son that Myrmidon is his brother.  Also, Fahrenheit is impressed enough with Lorelei that he volunteers to be Necromancer's step-father.

While all of this is going on, a version of Myrmidon attacks Gateway City with his undead minions, discussing how he killed his brother Necromancer to grow stronger.  Oddly, Dark Myrmidon went down fairly quickly, but not before Beorn had to use his super bear speed to snatch a nuke from one of the undead minions and deposited it with the authorities while the rest of the New Guard dealt with the Greek invasion.

Beorn also received a few notices that his credit cards were frozen, and the group headed to Alaska to check out David Ashford sightings  (Beorn's real name).  After finding out that Hypertime David Ashford had dated David's friend and tried using his credit cards, the conflict escalated when Hypertime David headed to the kitchen and disappeared when he went to get a beer from the fridge.

Booster Gold and Skeets shows up and explains the concept of Hypertime to the group, and mentions that the multi-reality temporal anomaly near Jupiter where the JLA/JSA/Titans disappeared might be the crux of where the New Guard became important enough to garner Hypertime events.  After skeets plays some educational videos about "Hypertime and You!" the duo is off to Jupiter to have a look at the anomaly, but after a while, it looks like the pair aren't coming back soon.

Doctor Fate-Lorelei Jeffries-Cross tells the group that they need to head to the White School to speak with Timothy Hunter, a former student that, in his youth showed the ability to create alternate realities even when such things should have been impossible.  Necromancer continues to hope that Hypertime Lorelei isn't indicative of real world mom, so that he really doesn't have a mother, but Myrmidon is all for having a brother now.

It was a fun session, and I'll leave it at that . . . hopefully on the morrow I'll update everyone on the War of the Dead campaign, and then bring the DC game up to date on the blog.

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