Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Games in Review September 27, 2011 (War of the Dead/Savage Worlds)

Alright, continuing to catch up on gaming posts . . . this time, the War of the Dead campaign I'm playing in!

When we last left our intrepid zombie apocalypse survivors, we were camped out at a farmhouse, and everyone's favorite character, Harlon Sharpe, was stuck in the same room with everyone else that had been bitten, just in case anyone turned, so they were all wrangled together.

We made it through the night, I didn't turn, no one got eaten, and our "even better than me" mechanic rigged up a trailer for us to haul the diesel tank we found so we could trade it later.  Barter economy, here we come!  We might just jump start this whole civilization thing again down the road.

The poor little kid that I saved by beating him unconscious with an axe turned, and he ate his father, or something.  Very sad.  The whole event was precipitated by the little kid's player leaving the campaign, so we mourned briefly and then headed out.  Where to, you ask?  Why to the Jacksonville Safe Zone!

On the way, we found a multi-car pile up, and in a few of the cars, before we could move them, we found a few of the walking  (or in this case, seat-belted and moving, but not walking) dead.  Because I didn't want anyone else to risk getting bitten, I invented the zombie poker.  It was a long stick, provided by our new friend, the illiterate driving enthusiast with the winning personality, and we sharpened the end, lined up the shot, and hit the end with a mallet to drive it through the zombie driver's skull.  Then we took out the zombie toddler in the car seat.

Yeah, that was a bit matter of fact.  On one hand, I didn't want anyone to get bitten.  On the other hand, I wanted to kill the little car seat dweller before anyone could really contemplate the reality of the situation.  Heck, we're still reeling from the baby speed zombie clavicle muncher.

Back on the road!  Our uber mechanic  (the one that isn't me) and our charismatic speed demon both have motorcycles, and were acting as outriders for the party.  They zipped ahead, and apparently found a huge mob of people mobbing their way towards us.  There was some talking, and some ignoring, and our outriders zipped back to us to warn us of shelling, explosions, and masses of panicked people.

Speed Demon and Harlon got on top of the RV along with "retired" cop, and in theory, this was to calm the masses down as they broke against the RV.  Other mechanic was inside with the few other survivors we had left, Rich Guy That Likes Hunting, Guy Whose Leg I Cut Off, and Daughter of Guy Whose Leg I Cut Off That Has A Fever That Totally Isn't Zombie Plague.  Oh, and "retired" cop's wife  (and imaginary kid, but we'll get back to that).

Our other mechanic nearly offs the girl, since she was acting creepy and not talking, and the people begin to mass around us and try getting into the RV.  The safe zone doesn't appear to be any longer.  So Speed Demon and Harlon try to talk to the folks around the RV, and apparently our former cop decides that a shotgun is good for diplomacy.  At first, the two of us figure that means he's going to fire up in the air to get their attention.  Then he says something to the effect of "we'll see how long they stick around once we pick off a few of them," and fires into the crowd, killing about three of the people.  The amusing part of this is that the cop's player initially says this is because he's defending his wife and child, forgetting that his child isn't with us. I chalk it up to zombie apocalypse induced insanity.

Harlon is shocked beyond words or actions, and Hal  (our Speed Demon), shoves the former cop off the RV into the crowd.  About that time, a group of military types show up to tell us that they are going to take the RV, and Hal, normally a charming guy, tells them where to shove it.  It looks like it's going to come to blows, until some of the people in the crowd turn and all Hell breaks loose.

Our cop grabs onto the ladder on the back of the RV.  I grab the roof and hang on for dear life.  The RV takes off like a bat out of Hell, and Hal  (our illiterate Speed Demon) jumps on his motor cycle and bails.  I have no idea where we are headed, but we are away from the mob and the military guys and the zombies in the crowd.

Then, as so often happens when fleeing from a zombie panicked mob, a Hummer t-boned the RV, we rolled, and the Hummer went over on its side.  Hal double backed to us, we killed the zombie "driver," and Hal hitched his motor cycle to the Hummer, and drove for all he was worth to try and tip the Hummer back over so we could mount up.

Also, for the first time since the beginning of Zombie Apocalypse season, we saw a massive horde of fast zombies.  Running right at us.  Really fast.

Hal managed to do it, but was thrown far, far away from his cycle.  I showed our ex-cop how to start the Hummer, and we pile in.  When it become apparent that our crowd dispersion expert was driving away from where we last saw Hal, I tell him we can't leave Hal behind, and when he keeps going, I grab the wheel.  And roll the Hummer again.

Thankfully, I roll the Hummer as the fast zombie surf breaks all around us, and we make a break for a warehouse as soon as the zombies rush past.  We see Hal coming from the other direction, so we end up meeting in the middle, in the warehouse.

The warehouse is full of people, preserved food, and military types that aren't trying to take our stuff.  Which is nice.  Hal goes about setting everyone at ease, begins to organize the group and find work for people to keep their minds off of the fact that zombies are right outside, and generally motivates everyone except our ex-cop, who just wants some alone time with his wife.

The military types get antsy around the feverish little girl, and the little girl's dad is getting jumpy around everyone, especially if they get near his daughter.  Eventually Hal makes a deal with him to go out on a raid with some of the military types to look for medical supplies, and the military guys agree, since they wanted to scout for medical supplies anyway.  I volunteer to go along, and we sneak out into the zombie infested city.

(Keep in mind, Harlon may not be bad at being stealthy, but he isn't the fastest man alive)

We run into a zombie that we have to deal with quick before it can moan and bring a whole horde of other zombies on us, so we take to manually disabling the infested brain pan.

Okay, so it wasn't that impressive.  Just kind of a run of the mill moaning zombie.  But that's where we left off, sneaking through Jacksonville, looking for medical supplies, waiting for the other shoe to fall.  What's even more fun is sometimes one of our own players grabs the shoe and hurls it at the floor rather than wait . . . ;)

Oh, as far as mechanics go?  I really love Savage Worlds for a game like this.  It gives you just enough stats to have something to roll to make things interesting, and gets out of the way for the rest of the session.

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