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Games in Review, September 6th, 2011

Lots of gaming over the last week, and not a sad story in the bunch.  Last week I played in Armored Gopher's War of the Dead Savage Worlds campaign, ran my Hellfrost Savage Worlds game, and wrapped up the week playing BattleTech during Armored Gopher Games/Gamerati Tour Games day.

War of the Dead

My character got bit last session, and the bite will likely run it course in about two weeks or so.  I'm playing this from the point of view of my character, that even if he doesn't survive, he wants to make the world a better place before he is gone.  I also continued to tempt fate by not only writing a fairly detailed backstory, but also making a table tent for the poor guy.

(Yes, that's Tawny from Superman/Shazam!  The Return of Black Adam . . . if I had any photoshop skills I would have made him a bit greyer to fit with his age)

We survived the bikers, and the zombies, and the burnt down church.  I was the last one out, because I wanted to make sure I covered our retreat, but we have several NPCs and one PC further bit by zombies during the escape.

This is where the fun begins.  Someone mentioned that if a limb were to be cut off before the infection could spread, it might spare a person that was bitten.  So once we were on the RV, I had everyone hold down one of the NPCs, and I proceeded to "save" him by cutting his leg off.  With my axe.  Which only took four swings.  Ouch.

This caused one of the PCs to run  (the player is running a character that is a younger child), since he had been bitten, afraid we would "save" him the same way.  Long story short, we ran the kid down, he fought back, we got the zombies attention, so I popped the kid with the flat of my axe to knock him out and carried him back to the RV.  This hero business doesn't make you nearly as popular as you would think.


After the previous trevails I had trying to get this campaign up and running, I thought I'd jump start things by trying to make things a bit more atmospheric.  I bought some props, including a separate canvas map of the setting, runestones to use as bennies, and fantasy themed playing cards.  If nothing else, everything at the table would keep up with the theme.

Now, to begin with, this session could have gone south as well.  We had one player slot open, dropping us to five players, and then we had two other players that could not play this session.  However, we had another regular at the Gopher sit in to play one of the retainers, and the session rolled on.

We had a lot of fun.  Lot's of over the top roleplaying.  A drinking contest, a storytelling contest, a fight with a dragon and a giant blooded frostborn, a storm at sea, and a mass battle against shark men.  I actually designed the session to run through a few of the special rules in Savage Worlds Deluxe.  I think the rules worked out rather well, and at least one player seemed to enjoy the mass combat rules as a quick means of throwing tons of people fighting each other on both sides.

Long story short, the rules held up, got out of the way of the story, and allowed for a pretty good variety of things to happen in the session.  All in all, a very good session, and one that gives me hope that this campaign isn't totally cursed.


This last Saturday was the day that the Gamerati tour stopped by Armored Gopher Games, and one of the games that was being run was a BattleTech scenario.  I love BattleTech.  I have not played it regularly for a long, long time, but when I do, I get that warm, nostalgic glow all over again.

This scenario was set up as a Capture the Flag game with "video game respawn," and a hidden uber mech that someone could trade out for the one they stated the game with.

Turns out, video game style capture the flag doesn't translate perfectly to a minatures war game, and the uber mech, which I found, was a bit too uber compared to the other mechs.  We all still had fun, but I felt a little guilty with my upgraded weapons and heat sinks and all of that.  It was still a lot of fun, and rekindles the desire to jump back into BattleTech yet again.

However, I don't have the time, a steady group, or even any materials of my own.  Ah well.  One that is interesting to me is that over how many publishers and years and editions, the core game is still very similar to what I was playing back in the 80s.  Plus, I have to laugh every time I tell people that I got out of the game before the Clans storyline really caught hold.

Tomorrow night, we begin the next story arc in the DC Adventures game!

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