Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Comic Book Day! #12--Wasn't Something Going On?

I'm pretty sure there was something going on in comics that was pretty big . . . hm . . . what was that?  I'm sure it will come to me eventually.  Perhaps some Oracle will show up and enlighten me.  Wait . . . I don't think there are any Oracles anymore.

Anyway, through the first two chapters of the Walking Dead Compendium Volume One.

1.  Depressing, but a good read, and oddly uplifting in some places, more so than some zombie apocalypse stories.

2.  After watching Survival of the Dead last week, and reading chapter two of the Walking Dead, I had to double check the release date of Survival of the Dead and the publication date of the second chapter of the Walking Dead.  Apparently Kirkman asked and answered the whole "should we be kind to zombies" thing much more succinctly and logically than Romero.

I know, that's heretical.  That's like saying some video game company could do better Star Wars stories than George Lucas.

Anyway, not paying much attention to that other shambling, reanimated corpse, the new DC Universe.  Between the "cynical, law breaking, loner" Superman and not even a passing reference to Oracle in Batgirl's rebooted history, I think I'm done dreaming this reboot has anything to do with me.

Now where were those JLU episodes anyway?

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