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Games in Review, October 1st, 2011 (Hypertime Highjinks Part 2)

Let's get caught up on the DC Adventures game, shall we?

When we last left our intrepid adventurers, they were off to see Timothy Hunter at the White School to see if he could figure out a fix for the whole Hypertime issue our heroes have been suffering under.  

However, before they could head out, yet another Hypertime construct based around a member of the New Guard appeared.  "Survivor" Fahrenheit appears, bedraggled, older, and wiser  (not really), he starts pitching fireballs at the group, since they are just figments of his imagination  (from his point of view).  

Myrmidon's first impulse is to fight Fahrenheit with Fahrenheit, so he picks up his team member and throws him at the alternate version of Fahrenheit.  Oddly, causing contact between the two versions of Fahrenheit doesn't really accomplish anything, other than causing minor bruising to both men.

Eventually the group incapacitates "Survivor" Fahrenheit, but not before Fahrenheit surprises everyone with his newfound control over ice and cold as well as fire.  "Survivor" Fahrenheit wakes up and tells the group of his future, where Myrmidon saved Fahrenheit from the Reckoning, and Fahrenheit was the only one to see a future where Trigon's demons rule the Earth and Black Adam's force of kidnapped heroes fights in vain against the horde of the demonic.

"Survivor" Fahrenheit is soon called Fahrenhobo by the group, as he doesn't particularly seem motivated to do much but sit on the couch and raid the New Guard headquarters refrigerator.  

The group heads to the White School, meet up with Necromancer's real mom, and she explains the real, non-Hypertime origin of Myrmidon.  Her twin sister, born without any magical talent, became a devotee of Circe, but still never learned to use magic on her own.  While serving Circe, she caught the eye of Ares, and she had a son with the god.

Circe, being jealous, killed Myrmidon's mother and had him raised by subordinates on her island  (not being able to bring herself to kill one of Ares children, and not wanting to draw his ire).  Myrmidon decides that he needs to find Circe and kill her.

Family issues aside, the group talks to Timothy Hunter, and he thinks he may be able to intentionally create alternate realities based on each of the New Guard, as a "pressure valve" to keep the Hypertime events from happening.  However, he thinks he can only do this intentionally at the Vanishing Point, the last moments before the End of Time.

At Vanishing Point, the New Guard keep Tim Hunter safe while he completes his spell, as Shadow Demons from the Anti-matter universe attack.  The group manages to take almost all of them out before they close in, and after all of the Shadow Demons are finished, Tim Hunter hands each of the New Guard a shiny glass globe with an alternate universe in it, but makes them promise to be careful with them, as there are trillions and trillions of lives in each globe.

Fahrenheit is worried that it's a bit too much responsibility for him to hold a universe in his hands.

After having multiple alternate universes created, the group decides to kick back.  Fahrenhobo is still on the couch, and Marathon decides to head to the White House for his meeting with the President over the dissolution of the New Guard's official standing.  He's escorted to his meeting by Secret Service members armed with Lexcorp Battlesuits.

In the meeting, Marathon finds out that the President was influenced by future Necromancer, "The Guru," who wanted the team fired so that he could realize his full potential as a self-help author.  He then attempts to make Marathon see things his way by summoning the soul of Spellbinder to enthrall Marathon's mind.

Marathon calls in Necromancer, who wants to deal with himself . . . himself, but Marathon tells him to bring in the whole team.  In the meantime, part of the White House is collapsed by the bound spirit of  Terra, and Marathon's telekinetic battering isn't taking out the Guru.  In fact, the Guru manages to take over the mind of one of the Secret Service members.

The group arrives, and the fight is tough for them, until Myrmidon closes on the Guru, who hasn't been practicing his intangibility for a while, and Myrmidon holds him still while he's taken out.  A blast from Necromancer erases Guru from this reality.

The group is reinstated by the President out of gratitude  (and because it wasn't really his idea).  The group asks if they can talk to their pilot Javier and take a ride in the invisible DMA helicopter, and Marathon flies back to Central City on his own to start researching Circe for Myrmidon.

Paradox starts to wonder where the Hypertime construct relating to Marathon might be, and Marathon holds Fahrenhobo's head under water until he dissolves into temporal energy and disperses.  Paradox shares his concern that Marathon's construct may still be lurking, and Marathon calls his ex-wife.  Everything seems fine there, but the DMA helicopter receives a distress call from Belle Reve prison.

Marathon and the DMA helicopter head to Louisiana, and they are greeted by a Black Lantern Marathon who has just killed Amander Waller, and turned the White Magician, Conduit, and KGBeast into Black Lanterns as well.

We'll see how all of this shakes out next Tuesday!

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