Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Earth 52 Pre-Game Show

Since I'm running my DC Adventures Earth 52 campaign at Armored Gopher tonight, I figured I'd look at some inspirational material.  You'll read about the New Guard's exploits if I ever sit down and put the last two sessions on the blog, but (spoiler), the team now has access to the Hall of Justice and the Watchtower.

Now if there is one thing that DC Universe Online does right, it's give you a feel for unique locations in the DC Universe.  I love just flying around Metropolis, Gotham City, and the Watchtower in the game.  So for inspiration, I thought I might fly around the Watchtower in game, so I had some fresh impressions to throw out in game.

That's when I noticed that Metropolis is tricked out in Christmas decorations, with Christmas music playing.  The music playing was pretty traditional Christmas march type of music, suitably upbeat and life affirming.  There were lots of trees and lightposts decorated.  In general, a nice job portraying Metropolis at Christmas time.

Now I was curious, so I jumped to the Watchtower, then over to Gotham City.  In Gotham, the decorations were up, but the music, while Christmasy, was much more "Danny Elfman" style moderately ominous fair.  I loved it.  I honestly have to give the DCUO team credit for understanding the atmosphere and personality of the locations.

Oh, and the central hub of the Watchtower has Christmas trees up as well, with Hal Jordan hanging our near one.  No music though.  Watchtower is all business.

Honestly, I just wanted to give some props to some other MMO team besides the TOR guys this holiday season.  The TOR guys deserve the accolades, but, hey, credit where credit is due.

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