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Games in Review: Back on Target! (December 10, 2011)

Let's get back to recapping.  Due to some real world conspiracies to keep me from gaming, I had all sorts of disruptions and derailments from my regular gaming schedule, but I'm sort of back on track, and we'll start things off with a recap of the DC Adventures campaign!  Hooray!

To recap, the New Guard  (Beorn, Fahrenheit, Marathon, Myrmidon, Necromancer,  and Paradox) had cut a deal with Neron  (former ruler of Hell) to steal the crown of Hell from Blaze  (current ruler of Hell) in exchange for transport to the Rock of Eternity and two boons to be named later.  The party eventually gave in to the little red versions of themselves on their left shoulders and went to the Rock of Eternity.

There, they found Composite Superman  (who was included in the scenario because I told one of my players that I would include something from the Hero Clix booster I just bought in the next session) and the Fearsome Five.  Long story short, the group beat the Fearsome Five, Myrmidon got Composite Superman to squish his own head with his impenetrable logic, and the group went on to find out that Blaze was actually trapped by Shazam and the Fearsome Five was trying to teleport the Rock of Eternity to Hell to free her.

My players managed to make almost all of the wrong choices, and, long story short, they almost lost the crown, freed Blaze  (but managed to get the crown), and freed Black Adam, who, through some soul side trading managed to get Isis' soul and get Black Adam to swear fealty to her.  On top of all of this, Jason Blood was running around in the background trying to do . . . something.

Before Jason Blood could do anything to explain his skulking, Myrmidon utilized his new power that essentially either really intimidates an opponent or pisses them off so much that they attack him.  Thus, the power triggered Blood's alter-ego:

Change! Change, O form of man!
Release the might from fleshy mire!
Boil the blood in heart of fire!
Gone! Gone! — the form of man —
Rise, the Demon Etrigan!!

So, quite literally all Hell is breaking loose, and Black Adam uses his super speed and strength in conjunction to hit the whole team  (I power stunted a burst area damage to simulate Black Adam using his super speed to to hit everyone in the room).  What is interesting about this is, for months my players have been very hesitant to get into physical altercations with Black Adam.  In one action, he completely justified their fears by knocking three of them unconscious and knocking the other three for a serious loop.

Thankfully, Etrigan jumped on his back to distract him, the PCs loaded up the "Harry Potter Train" from the Rock of Eternity with missing "B list" superheroes that Black Adam had been collecting, and the group headed back to Earth just as they saw Etrigan being punched through a wall by Black Adam.

At the end of the night, they briefed all of the heroes on what had happened while they were gone, Marathon got into a fight with Geo-Force of the Outsiders, and Neron showed up later to collect the crown.


1.  Marathon taunting the Fearsome Five after they were launched into the void surrounding the Rock of Eternity.

2.  Beorn telling Marathon that he understands how he ended up divorced, but not how he got married in the first place.

3.  Necromancer falling for Shimmer.

4.  Myrmidon hitting on Jinx while attempting to knock her unconscious.

5.  Fahrenheit getting to be all sorts of awesome shooting at Fearsome Five members.

6.  Paradox getting trapped on the other side of a wall with the Fearsome Five while the group was fighting Composite Superman.

7.  Preserving the Black Adam mystique by knocking out half of the team in the first action of the first round of combat.

And for those of you keeping track  (and I'm hoping I remember this), the "cashed in" boons from Neron include:

Marathon:  Control over the Crown of Hell  (i.e. he can summon it to his hand to "dethrone" whomever is currently wearing it . . . I'm telling you, my players practically write this campaign for me sometimes)

Myrmidon:  To be as powerful as the heroes on the Justice League  (boost to PL 14)

Beorn:  To be as powerful as the heroes on the Justice League  (boost to PL 14)

Necromancer:  To be 100% human again  (no New Gods/Apokalips DNA), to be as powerful as the heroes of the Justice League  (PL 14 boost)

Fahrenheit:  For his parents to be safe  (they were, under a technicality, under Neron's control, and were moved to Purgatory after Fahrenheit's intervention), to be as powerful as the heroes of the Justice League  (PL 14)

So Fahrenheit and Necromancer have cashed in both boons, Myrmidon, Beorn, and Marathon have cashed in one, and Paradox is a bit paranoid about cashing any of them in, at all, ever.  Those Canadians . . . always cautious.

Oh, and we started using the "borrow a hero point for a complication to be named later" rule from the Gamemaster's Guide . . . more on that when I recap the next session  (which already happened).  Necromancer cashed in two hero points and got some interesting results.  Paradox didn't even borrow a hero point and created some nice ill will with Geo Force.

Good times all around.  One recap to get caught up, but I'm not sure that I'll be caught up before we play the next session.

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  1. Nice. I love the idea of the "Hero Clix challenge"! Brilliant. Our DC game is on hold for a few as we've gone back to playing Rogue Trader for a while.