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Games in Review: What Ever Happened to that Space Wolf Guy (December 19th, 2011)

Taking a slight break from detailing my insanity via DC Adventures/Mutants and Masterminds, let's take a look at that most heroic of Space Marines, Rangar Then, ten-thousand year old Space Wolf.  What's Rangar up to you ask?

Our group is playing through the adventure The Emperor Protects at the moment.

Spoilers:  We shoot things that are aliens and/or potential threats to the Empire.  Or things that may have looked at the Empire funny.  Or things that may one day grow up to look at the Empire funny.  No reason to take chances.

One of the awesome gamers in our group has been building our characters with 40K mini bits.  Here is a picture of some of the works in progress:

Above is our Dark Angel librarian.  Also, we go through cycles like other people go through ammo.  Possibly because they get used as weapons.  However, since we've gotten back on track with the actual adventure, I don't think we've destroyed any of our vehicles.

The cheerful fellow above is one of the most completed members of the group, miniatures wise.  That's Fray, our assault marine.  Fray had an amazing propensity for getting hit in the right leg.  Fray eventually got his right leg blown off as he dove into a horde of enemies, and died gloriously.  Thus this mini is more of a memorial than representational of the current team.

Above are the models that one of the guys in the group brought out for a scale comparison.  It also serves as an example of an encounter I don't really want to have.  Eh, maybe I do.  I really like playing Rangar, but if he's going to go out, I'd rather he go out BIG.

Anyway, we are investigating a cult that has ties to something that no one in the setting knows about yet, so we are absolutely certain that we know nothing about them.  I'm also pretty sure they don't have anything to do with these guys:

To be fair, we haven't seen "those guys," but we've seen those green bolts of nasty and those green bolts of nasty are even enough to mess up a Space Marine.

Currently, our team consists of me  (a Space Wolf Devastator Marine), a Ultramarine Successor Kill Marine sniper whose chapter has a skull with a worm burrowing through it as their standard  (I gave him a cloak that says "ask me about my worm" in Fenrisian), another "custom chapter" Assault Marine, a Dark Angel Librarian, a Dark Angel successor apothecary  (that I beat in naked wrestling), and an Imperial Fist techmarine.

Notable moments from the game:  A cliff face nearly killing two of our Kill Team, via a steady stream of unfortunate events.  Also, our sniper literally turning someone into a fine red mist right after that NPC made a proclamation of "no more games!"

Also, our apothecary shot a citizen in the head in the middle of the market square for selling alien artifacts.  I'm not sure why we didn't see it coming.

It's been a fun group, and a nice spread of different chapters.  Of course, after First Founding came out, we had some rethinking of concepts and potentially of characters, but so far, we haven't switched out any more characters  (besides Fray's demise, our previous Devastator marine left to make room for the Kill Marine sniper).

I didn't rethink Rangar after getting the book, I was just thrilled that my previous (somewhat joking) question about "can I requisition a Fenrisian Wolf" is answered with a yes!  Or at least I can burn xp to buy one as a follower.

I have very little profound to offer about my experience playing in this game, except to say that I'm having fun.  Oh, and I have a few words of wisdom, as imparted by Rangar, over the last few sessions:

"I have to quit ending my stories with balls getting torn off.  It seems to turn off the listener."

"Shoot a fat one.  More of a chance that the others will trip over him."

(Upon arguing about the proper use of a requisition servo skull, which Rangar was using to tip his drinking horn when he was having a hard time lifting it due to his Terminator armor, upon discussing that the skulls were made into servo skulls as an honor to faithful chapter serfs that has served with distinction):

"And what did that chapter serf do in life?  Serve me ale!"

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