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Earth 52 Campaign Post Game (January 25th, 2012)

Last night was the latest installment of the Earth 52 campaign.  Hooray!  The team was on their way to confront Circe and rescue the Greek pantheon of deities.  There may have also been a little bit of Apokolips influence as well.

Before the action started, since I spent a little more time planning, I tried to throw some complications at the PCs.  I didn't want random complications, so I tried to find some that would tie into some plot elements that I want to come up later in the campaign.

For example, Paradox is having the SEC look into his accounts, Beorn is getting some more clues into his origins, and Fahrenheit is still having some complications tied to his youth among the super villain youth of Zandia.  Oh, and Marathon's ex-wife is driving him crazy.  Lots of fun.

Myrmidon decided to visit the Aereopagus and start looking more the "Myrmidon" part, and picked up a new sword and shield.  We're still dialing in exactly how it will work.  We decided back when Myrmidon gained the "I Don't Know How to Take You" power that either makes people attack him or surrender to him that the power was an experiment, and we took it back to source and started over.

So, fully loaded with complications, the group finds out that parademons are infesting the domains of the Greek gods, thus cluing the group in to possible Darkseid involvement.  There was some discussion about checking out the domains first, possibly skirmishing with some parademon fodder, but Myrmidon was really focused on avenging his mother and taking Circe down.

Circe's domain is concealed from view, but the PCs have found it before.  There was a "normal" island, a magic dead island, and a high magic island.  The PCs headed for the "normal" island, and found the couple that helped to raise Myrmidon, and Myrmidon started to recall his youth a bit more.  

The next phase of the adventure, the group decided to split up.  You see, on the dead magic island, Necromancer, Myrmidon, and Beorn would loose their powers.  I told them if they did head to the island, they would get another hero point for the complication, but the group decided to send the non-magical team members to the dead magic island and the magic types would confront Circe.

I loaded up Circe with two easily removable devices, but oddly, no one tried to disarm her.  One created a close burst reaction damage effect to anyone that hit her, and the other was a scepter that gave her ranks in the luck advantage since she was leeching off of the fate of the gods.  She also had a plethora of beastiamorph minions, with avians, dogs, and serpents.  

On the dead magic island, the other group found a nasty PL 15 straight forward robot guardian.  Eventually they would also find the thread of fate that determines Zeus' fate, and a big old Kirby door with a Kirby machine behind it.  Long story short, as the great Kenson has put it, the robot was defeated with a "lateral win."  While Fahrenheit blasted at it, and Paradox shrunk down and tried to burst out of it, Marathon picked it up with his move object and flew off with it, dumping him in the ocean.

After Marathon did this  (with Paradox still inside the robot, at least until he phased out), Fahrenheit, through random dumb luck, managed to open the Kirby door, and found Zeus' Thread of Fate, and since all of his trophies back home had been stolen, he decided to claim Zeus' thread as a belt, at least for a while.  

Glorious Godfrey boom tubed away from Circe at the beginning of the fight.  Godfrey had been impersonating Hermes to lure gods to the magic dead island, allowing them to be trapped and to have their powers sucked out of them and into the big old Kirby machine.  Beorn and Necromancer took on the minions, and Myrmidon drove straight on towards Circe.

Interestingly, the minions were much more effective than might have been expected, especially since "Team Magic" are all among the PL 14 members of the team.  I used the advice on the number and relative power of the minions from the Gamemaster's Guide, and it seemed to work pretty well for the fight.  Beorn and Necromancer both used extra effort to gain takedown and start plowing through the minions.  

Myrmidon almost took out a minion that got in his way, but then he remembered that the minions were servants against their will.  He was still pretty set on lethal damage to Circe.  Normally I do like the game to stay pretty "Bronze Age" in morality, but I have to say that "Greek" DC character seem to get pushed into killing a bit more than the standard characters, and I did have Circe kill Myrmidon's mother, and he is Ares son.  We'll see how this incident colors future sessions, but it made for some interesting moments.

Myrmidon got fairly messed up by Circe  (although she couldn't manage her affliction on him, the blast worked much better).  While she took some solid hits, he was badly wounded from going one on one with her and eventually resorted to calling on his last boon from Neron, asking to be healthy and holding Circe's devices.

This twist of fate did turn the tide of battle, and Myrmidon killed Circe.  Plus, Myrmidon owing this victory to his boon plays nicely into . . . future events.  Oh, and Necromancer forgot about Circe's teleportation trap and got trapped in her ring.  

Eventually the group revived the gods, shut down the machine, and Zeus decided that instead of getting back "most" of their powers and going to war with Darkseid, they would use the collected godly power to destroy Olympus and the Aereopagus with Darkseid and his forces still on them, meaning it could take the gods centuries to come back into their powers.

Oh, and Necromancer and Myrmidon both seriously borrowed some future complications.  Last time that happened, Necromancer gained Solomon Grundy's eternal hatred.  This should be fun.

Oh, and Fahrenheit is completely beside himself that the gods didn't reclaim their powers so that he could call in a favor from Zeus to smite Damian Wayne.  Yes, not only does the group have an easier time cutting a deal with Neron than with Lex Luthor, Fahrenheit also was willing to risk invasion from Apokolips in order to have the gods help him bully a ten year old.  Good times.

One interesting thing that Marathon noted last night is that since they have some more powerful members in the group and they assumed the Justice League's mantle, every fight seems to be escalating in importance, and how he'd like a breather.  I'm kind of glad that this pacing is coming through, because it's deliberate.  Not only does it kind of hearken to the Morrison/Waid era on JLA  (yeah, Morrison did something right, I'll admit it), but it does drive home that age old super hero truism of "with great power comes great responsibility."  

I'm hoping everyone is enjoying the campaign.  I'm having lots of fun running it.  Easily one of my favorite campaigns that I've run from the GM's side of things.  

And . . . ahem . . . now that one of my players pointed out that the pre-order is looming tantalizingly on Green Ronin's site, maybe, just maybe, I'll have Heroes and Villains Volume Two for the next game session . . . 

Perchance to dream!

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  1. My most memorable action of the night, and it was being a complete idiot and getting trapped in a ring. Ugh, and with two future complications looming, I'm wondering if I even want out.