Monday, January 23, 2012

Earth 52 Pre-Game Show . . . In the Mood and Up to Speed

I never properly recapped the various session leading up to tomorrow night's game, so for anyone that cares and is following along at home, I'll try to give the short version . . . which will get fairly long, but hey, it's about three sessions of recap!

1.  The New Guard stepped up and talked to the mysterious Justice League Trust about officially assuming the mantle of the Justice League, so they've got the run of the Hall of Justice and the Watchtower.  Myrmidon promptly goes on a tour of teleporter locations, decides Batman is a jerk because of the Batcave's defenses, and brings home two lonely Kryptonian robots that miss Kal-El.  Then he convinces some scientists at Cadmus that half-Kryptonian puppies might cheer the robots up.

2.  Marathon's ex-wife and daughter started living at the HQ.  Marathon's daughter's favorite super heroes are Necromancer and Beorn.  Marathon's ex-wife's favorite super heroes are Myrmidon and Paradox.

3.  The group found out that Cheetah formed her own Secret Society of Super Villains with her master plan being the destruction of the Fortress of Solitude, Paradise Island, and the Batcave, and plundering them for trophies.  To this end, she used a magic charm on Luthor to enthrall him.  When the heroes foiled some of her plans, she got desperate and decided the best way into the Fortress of Solitude was to summon the Cyborg Superman and enthrall him the way she did Luthor, but part two of the plan didn't work out, and Cyborg Superman showed up at the Fortress uncontrolled by Cheetah.

4.  The Justice League New Guard over the course of fighting Cheetah's Secret Society defeated Toy Man, Doctor Psycho, Giganta, Riddler, Scarecrow, Black Manta, Felix Faust, Solomon Grundy, and managed to talk Bizarro out of a fight as well.  Not all at once.

5.  About Solomon Grundy.  Fahrenheit brilliantly convinced Grundy that he was Grundy's new friend, but inadvertently made Grundy think that Necromancer has something to do with his eternal curse, so the next time he rises from the grave, he's coming straight for Necromancer.

6.  Bad blood continues between Geo-Force and Marathon, as Geo-Force showed up at Arkham Asylum during a JLNG mission and tried to claim turf.  This eventually culminated in the Outsiders  (Geo-Force, Katana, Black Lightning, and the Creeper) going along to the Fortress of Solitude and Geo-Force pushing his powers too far to prove a point, and destroying the whole thing, and disappearing in the bargain.

Superman never thought to get earthquake insurance . . .

7.  That fight at Arkham?  The Fatal Five showed up, apparently hired by the Time Trapper in the far distant future to steal the team's little contained universal globes that Tim Hunter helped them make to manage their Hypertime issues.

8.  At the Fortress of Solitude?  Yeah, Cyborg Superman decided the best way to get back at Superman in his absence would be to free someone that would revel in destroying everything Kal-El stood for, and so he freed General Zod and his henchmen.  Thankfully, in the ensuing fight, Black Lightning proved to be the most useful Outsider ever by smacking the Cyborg with a nasty affliction that put him at -5 on all of his checks until he was down and out.

9.  Paradox stole a few chunks of Kryptonite from Luthor's battle suit.  The red K made Ursa super amorous, and she stripped down Paradox's costume.  Thankfully his, ahem, density saved him from turning blue and looking like Doctor Manhattan.  The green K eventually softened up Zod and Ursa as well.

10.  In a strange turn of events, the New Guard actually manage to take out Non without using any of the Kryptonite.  The other Kryptonians were sucked into the Phantom Zone when everyone realized that the Phantom Zone generator was still operating after the Fortress was destroyed.  Plus Geo-Force disappeared without a trace, so now the JLNG is wondering if he's trapped in the Phantom Zone with Zod's criminal band.

11.  Myrmidon died, but still hasn't found out (in character) that he's immortal, because as he was having a chat with Charon about how the Olympian gods went missing, Necromancer managed to bring him back to life.   Necromancer totally doesn't feel guilty because Myrmidon died due to having Cyborg Superman fall on him after Necromancer's blast threw him out of the Fortress of Solitude.  Nope.  Not guilty at all.  He also figured that if you raise someone from the dead, it's the same as not killing them in the first place.

12.  At one point during the fight, Fahrenheit decided to switch on all of the Kryptonian equipment in the Fortress and try to trick Zod's forces into following him into the Phantom Zone projector room.  He managed to open up Superman's endangered alien animal habitat, and was nearly trampled by the mass of escaping animals.  Venusian bunnies proved to be especially poorly suited to resisting Fahrenheit's heat aura, and he inadvertently turned the poor bunny from exotic fauna to carbon with one failed Toughness check.

13.  Myrmidon and Necromancer went to Olympus and the Aereopagus to find out what's going one, learned that the gods went missing one by one, and that all signs lead to the mysterious trio of islands that they think are Circe's base of operations.  And Myrmidon picked up another pet, an imp named Skreej.

That is pretty much the short form of the last several sessions.  The whole team is ready to be off to Circe's presumed domain to figure out what's going on with the gods, and this time, it's personal  (at least for Myrmidon).

Nuts and Bolts

Not only am I loving this campaign for the story, but I have to say, I'm pretty happy with how M&M 3e has been handling the mechanics.  There are still some grey areas that I think could have been cleared up involving some powers and effects, but I ran a combat with 6 PCs, 4 allies, and 4 heavy hitter bad guys, and while it took most of the four hour session, it was an epic fight.

People moved, and did things and got punted out of the Fortress and tried off the wall stunts.  It didn't seem like a grind fest, it seemed like an over the top comic book brawl, and I was pretty happy with that.

Inspirational Viewing

To keep the fires kindled, I think I'm going to watch Superman/Batman Apocalypse for the billionth time on Netflix tonight.  Had this been after payday, I may have sprung for the Wonder Woman animated DTV movie, or a season of Justice League.

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