Saturday, February 11, 2012

Evil Campaigns Never Work . . . Except this Time . . .

So, I might be able to count on half of a cartoon character's hand the number of people that actually read this blog, however, if there is a chance that I might expose this product to someone that might not have run across it before, I'm glad to give it a try.

Long term readers will know I distanced myself from Pathfinder for a bit, and I'm not currently running any Pathfinder, only playing in a game.  That having been said, I found a campaign that I actually would like to try to run, eventually.

Also for anyone that has really been following me for a while, you know I've never been keen on evil campaigns.  It's not that I don't think that you can have a decent campaign with evil characters, but I have seen issues with said campaigns before.  There is a temptation to "out evil" one another, and even more of a temptation to be "in character" and take out one of your party members if things get tense.

Turns out, even people that think that you can run a good evil campaign have noticed these problems.

Fire Mountain Games is publishing a third party adventure path, designed to go from 1st to 20th level, called the Way of the Wicked.

The opening adventure  (the only one currently available) is a fun set up for an evil campaign that teaches the PCs to rely on one another right from the start  (they break out of jail together), and gives them a specific goal to work towards that works to countermand the "out evil" each other trend, since the PCs have a benefactor with a very specific goal for them.

Not only is the adventure solid, and the campaign outline looks good, but there are articles that talk about avoiding the pitfalls of running an evil campaign, a gazetteer of the islands that the adventures use, and campaign traits for the campaign based on what crime the character got arrested for in the first place!  It's a stroke of genius.

The art is nice, the layout and presentation of the book are really stellar, especially for the first release of a third party publisher.  You can even order a print on demand version of the book at RPG Now if you just have to have a physical copy.

I wish the evil masterminds at Fire Mountain Games great success in their plots.


  1. Whenever you are ready to run let me know.

  2. I'm a DM and I've been playing this campaign setting with my friends.
    It's really a awesome work, everything in the world seems connected, players often found themselfs in an unexpected action and even if they try their own best they will fall in a programmed end for that action.

    The creators of this campaing surely have played it over and over again to think up to every detail, every little possibility and a sure way to keep players in tension.

    It's easy to modify this adventure in the way you prefer, and even to configure it to be played by more player than 6 ( actually we started it with a party of 9, now we are in 7 but it is still really good with a little improvment to monsters and traps).

    I'm in possession of the complete series of this work and we are actually closing into Book2.

    If I where to say a demerit it would be that it's not all that easy to be followed by the DM so don't think at this as your first campaign.