Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Game Night: DC Adventures--Pay-Per-Views and Infomercials (February 22nd, 2012)

When last we left the Justice League New Guard, most of the group was mulling over the visit by Ubu  (Ra's al Ghul's right hand henchman), while Marathon was rocketing towards South America to violently deconstruct the Kobra cult.

Before the rest of the New Guard could follow Marathon, HIVE drones attacked the base, dropping little robot bees that burrowed into the ground during the fight.  Fahrenheit got to use his new illusory powers to trick a bunch of the drones into firing on the non-existent Fahrenheit Fighter Wing, and as the drones started to drop, eventually the little robot bees formed into a big robot bee that went head to head with Beorn, and eventually Paradox and Myrmidon as well.

Down in South America, Marathon ran into some tougher than expected Lanceheads, the foot soldiers of the Kobra cult.  Marathon actually took a few bumps and bruises before finishing them up, and then tearing into a retro-fitted pyramid that was serving as the Kobra base.  Oddly, the sacrificial chamber was already torn up a bit, and the Bestowed cultists were knocked out.

Back in the outskirts of Central City, a HIVE commander showed up cloaked, zapped Fahrenheit's powers, and then was stunned by Fahrenheit's line of bull about his powers being impossible to contain for long and how they are unstable enough to blow the HIVE commander up.  This gave Necromancer . . . er . . . Guru enough time to start talking to him, and Guru and Myrmidon talked the guy into a career change and gained some information about HIVE potentially being circumvented by some other force.

Back in South America, Marathon goes one on one with Kobra himself, the Kali-Yuga, the Naja-Naja, and the Avatar of the Coming Age of Chaos.  He has the area covered with hovering cameras so that the world can see his victory over a member of the Justice League.

Kobra didn't win that fight, though he hung in there for a while.  Marathon ended up using his telekinesis to strip Kobra down to his serpentine boxer shorts on world wide television to make sure he wasn't concealing any other weapons.  Marathon then runs into the Secret Six, who managed to escape from the sacrificial chamber and take the Outsiders with them.  On his way home, Marathon drops Kobra off with Steve Trevor and drops the Outsiders off at STAR labs to try and find a cure for their brainwashing.

The HIVE commander retired from villainy thanks to Guru's advice, and Paradox rips the giant robot bee's stinger out while Beorn rips it's head off.  The group then uses the HIVE commander's helmet to pinpoint the Queen Bee's main base.  Using the Watchtower's sensors, they find out that the primary HIVE is now located off the coast of Zandia, and that there are cultists of Blood working with the HIVE drones.

Myrmidon then gets a call from his uncle Hephaestus about how Ares' cult is being subverted as part of some larger world wide cult.

Thinking that there might be something up with cults and secret societies around the world, Marathon wants to put an ad in the paper for cultists to ask them if their cult leader is acting funny, but Myrmidon takes it one step further and pays for an infomercial where he talks about cults and secret societies being subverted and gives out his own phone number.

After getting a new phone, the group analyzes the information coming in from the responses to the infomercial, and finds references to the "Immortal Prophet" as a recurring theme among the world's secret societies and cults.  Myrmidon also gets a call that gives him a lead to a secret meeting place for the Order of St. Dumas.

The group heads over to the private club, and Guru is such a famous author that he gets the group in, more or less undercover.  Myrmidon is the toast of the bar, and the group finds a secret door, which Myrmidon does his best to draw attention away from as his companions sneak through it . . . in some cases, such as Beorn, he does a lot of distracting before he can go through unnoticed.

In the depths of the hideout, the group finds another Kobra modified Lazarus Pit with a body near it.  The body is Ubu.  Guru returns Ubu to life, and he says that Azrael hunted him down and told him that the Order of St. Dumas would use Ubu to strike at his master.

Myrmidon speaks to Ra's al Ghul about this, and Ra's thanks him for the warning and returning Ubu to his service, and begins to try and set Myrmidon up with his daughter Talia.

Now, a few notes about the characters, in the aftermath of the time travel incidents.  Necromancer decided to embrace is various alternate versions of himself and has become a self help writer and has changed his name to Guru.  Myrmidon is less physically powerful and also managed to get a hand on some of Hades gold, and is a bit more subtle.  Myrmidon, in the past, left notes for current Myrmidon to help him avoid various pitfalls in life.

Fahrenheit was still picked up by the feds just over a year ago in Hawaii, where Fahrenheit's latent meta-human powers were activated and increased by Pele if he became a champion against cold fiends threatening the world.

I'm always fascinated by the various ways my players approach problems in the campaign, but it was even more interesting this time around seeing how several of them managed to find solutions there were just as unorthodox, and yet a whole different kind of unorthodox.

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