Friday, February 17, 2012

Game Night: Deathwatch--GM's Don't Kill Campaigns, Players With Props Kill Games (2-17-1012)

On Deathwatch Eve, I crept out of Fortress KEJR on a brilliant mission.  My idea was that I would take a prop to game night.  Since Rangar was losing an eye, I thought it would help me to stay in character if I had a genuine "I'm missing an eye" reminder on all night, so I went out and bought an eye patch.

Not only did I buy an eye patch, but I go my lovely wife excited over the potential for a craft project.  I explained to her that my character would be getting a cybernetic replacement eye, and suddenly she wanted to help me craft a LED light up replacement eye patch to wear for Deathwatch.

I love my wife.

So armed, I set out for the Deathwatch game, and at the appropriate time, I donned said eye wear.  It went over well, even though my actual roleplaying involved putting on the eyepatch and the spreading out and drooling out of the corner of my mouth until I was revived.

Let me set the scene.  We had just been on a whirlwind killing spree involving daemonettes, a greater daemon, chaos space marines, cultists, Imperial traitors, ogryn, and more chaos space marines.  While out course of action was not particularly wise, we actually left quite the impressive swath of doom behind us.  Unfortunately the last session, we were missing our Apothecary.

So the fight, as we left it, saw my devastator marine incapacitated, having burned a fate point to survive a massive head shot, the librarian with one leg and incapacitated, having burned a fate point to survive, the assault marine heavily wounded, and the tech marine and our tactical marine both having suffered some injuries.

Our remaining immediate opposition consisted of four chaos space marines and a dark apostle.  The apostle was badly injured by our librarian before he went down.  We were pretty sure our apothecary would make the session, so all we had to do was have our assault marine, tech marine, tactical marine, and apothecary quickly dispatch the apostle and then finish off the four chaos space marines.

The good news is, our apothecary made the session.  The bad news is that the assault marine and the tech marine did not make the session.  Exhibiting the same wisdom that got us to this point in the campaign, we opted to play, since four of the six players were present  (never mind that only two of the PCs were not incapacitated).

The tactical marine impressively dove for my missile launcher and fired a krak missile at two of the chaos space marines, blowing them both up handily, before he also joined the "I'm going to burn a fate point to avoid certain death and just take a nap in the corner" club.

Our apothecary destroyed some weapons with his snazy power field relic blade, then charged the apostle when he took down the tactical marine.  Then the unexpected happened.  The player of our librarian asked if he could have issued a last command to his psyber raven.  The GM allowed it . . . and the psyber raven scored a massive critical, tearing the apostle's head off of his body and throwing it 14 meters away.

Two chaos space marines down, and the dark apostle dead?  The apothecary might have a chance against just two chaos space marines.  I mean, it's a long shot, but he could hold out long enough, with a few good rolls and enough fate points.  He could . . . get killed and die, leaving the entire team defenseless against the chaos space marines that were left.

All in all, it was a rather valiant and epic effort.  If you have to die, this is the way to go!

Most of the games at the Gopher have adopted a rule that if a player isn't present, and the rest of the party TPKs, then everyone in the party is dead.  Thus ended the illustrious careers of our kill team.

So, talk turned to what was next.  We talked about continuing Deathwatch.  We talked about playing Black Crusade.  Talk came around to basically making the night a sort of "round robin" 40K RPG night, with campaigns swapping out at the TPK mark or when something major was accomplished.

Then talk turned to my desire to run Rogue Trader, and how we could rotate GMs when we rotate RPGs as well.  The current GM and I refrained from voting, and we were down two players, but the players at the table were all for giving my Rogue Trader game a whirl.

Obviously, if there are major objections from the missing two players, we'll rethink things, but as it stands, it looks like I've got a second campaign going, and I get to feel like I wasn't just sinking money into a game I was never going to run  (not that I generally regret things like that).

Thus passes Rangar Then, 10,000 year old Space Wolf into the annals of history.  May his spirit find it's way home to Fenris to guide the young Space Wolves and run with his lost pack.  And hopefully everyone will be okay with my GMing turn as well as have a good time in the campaign.

Time to turn some gaming conjecture and abstract thoughts into a campaign.

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