Friday, February 10, 2012

Game Night: Pathfinder RPG Shackled City (February 10th, 2012)

After our . . . ahem . . . incident last session, we ended up refocusing and restarting the campaign.  Several of us either weren't in the campaign from the start, or were away from the campaign for a while, and some of us had kind of lost the thread of what we were actually doing.

Some discussion yielded the idea that our characters might need more of a reason to care about Cauldron, and to have a bit more of a unified reason for being together.  Only two characters remained from the original adventuring party  (The Company of the Whispering Madness . . . yeah, I kind of cursed us with that name).  A lot of us didn't even know how we knew each other.

So, at this crux in the campaign, many of us retired our other characters, and the Church of Helm sent out a recruiter to find an adventuring party that would be willing to do some investigation for them, and issue them a charter.  One of the players was adopting the cleric that would be acting as our point of contact with the temple.

My character, who took the "adventurer" trait, and has been wandering the Tashalar for a while, already knows said recruiter and the party's rouge.  Both druids and our bard are left from the old party, but were recruited anew to join this group.  We picked up a zen archer monk, and a cavalier from a noble family in the city.

After talking with the officials at the temple, we outlined three overall goals, all under the general aegis of protecting Cauldron and rooting out corruption.

1.  Investigate the secret organization known as the Chisel, accused by some in the city as being the conspiracy that was working to bring Cauldron to it's knees.

2.  Keep our eyes open for those Ebon Triad villainous folks.

3.  Investigate the disappearance of the paladin that issued a public challenge to the Mayor's champion.

Somewhere along the line we  (and by we, I mean some of we, not all of we) began to theorize how Stone to Flesh could fix the food problem in Cauldron, if only we could find a powerful enough wizard.

"That's 100 cubic feet of meat!"

We talked to Tygat at Tygat's Old Things, to get some clues about the Chisel and find a lead.  Tygat had a neat ancient object with strange alien type creatures on it and ancient writing, and we managed to get a general idea that the creatures were Spell Weavers that had enslaved ogres to help them create a portal between worlds.  Plus, there were headless demons and rivers and such.

There was some haggling over the art object.  Some contention between our bard and our cleric of Helm.

Following another lead, we went to find Maavu in Red Gorge, and after talking to some people in a bar and my magus having a dance off with the cavalier, we ended up being invited to the Chisel's secret club house.  The Chisel proceeded to explain why they weren't nearly as bad as some conspiracy theorist made them seem, and answered some questions.

We also found out that the paladin we have been looking for headed south, towards the vacation spot known as Vaprak's Voice, towards the Demonscar, after hearing angels talking to him.  There was also something about the Elixir showing him the light.

We could be completely wrong, but the paladin was beyond scrying, and as such, perhaps in another plane of existence.  The Spell Weavers were creating some kind of dimensional nexus.  The place the paladin was heading was Vaprak's Voice, named after the god of ogres and trolls, and ogres were the Spell Weaver's slaves.

Plus, there has been lots of pictures of demons, beheaded and otherwise, along the way, and there is that ominous name "Demonscar," so I'm also wondering if the Spell Weaver's dimensional portal might not be keyed to, let us say, a bad alternate reality.

Getting back on track, we avoided combat.  Hopefully the next time the party kills, we won't be in any kind of legal trouble because of it.  That's what the wilderness is good for.  Killing without legal ramifications.

Also, thus far my most notable accomplishment is convincing aasimar rogue to use the name "Darkboon Fearlock," because it is a more marketable name for a rogue.  No, Darkboon Fearlock is not his given name.  But when you want to hire someone to do something nefarious?  Darkboon Fearlock jumps right to mind!  Marketing success!

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