Saturday, February 25, 2012

KnightErrantJR Versus the Sentinels of the Multiverse: Round Two+

Last week, interspersed between other gaming of the roleplaying persuasion, I got a chance to play a few more games of Sentinels of the Multiverse.  A great time was had by all, and my record against this game's 2-D villains is 1 win, 3 losses, and 1 tie  (more or less).

Showing up early for once, we played a game of this before my DC Adventure game  (thematically appropriate) and three of us went up against Omnitron, the evil factory/robot.  Sort of Ultron/Master Mold/HARDAC.

We battled Omnitron in the Megalopolis setting  (i.e. we were fighting him in a big typical superhero comic book city).  Our heroes were Bunker, Tachyon, and Wraith.

Omnitron's healing drones are a pain the the rear end.  Also, getting hit by an elevated train isn't as bad as it might seem.  However, in the end, when the bad guy is getting repaired a whole lot and causes your equipment to explode  (especially when two of the guys at the table, Wraith and Bunker, are very equipment dependent), the bad guy might win.  Like in this case.

Oddly enough, I found that my fellow gamers suffer from the same addiction to having a villains boot up their rear ends that I suffered from, so as soon as the session ended, we recruited several more players, and we actually had a full crew of five heroes against a villain.

Our team was Bunker, Ra, Fanatic, Absolute Zero, and Legacy.  Our environment was Insula Primalis  (think the Savage Land or Skartaris) and our villain was Baron Blade  (kind of a Bronze Age Lex Luthor).

Baron Blade's hit points are lower than the rest of the bad guys, but he resets when he flips.  Absolute Zero went down, but then again, his powers damage him  (he does damage on several cards based on the damage he does to himself), but in the end Baron Blade fell before us.  All five of us.

And I think if I read correctly, Baron Blade is suppose to be the weakest villain.  Hrm.  Hey, it's a win!

Now with a taste of victory, we snagged another player and went with four heroes against another villain before our Pathfinder game on Thursday.  Our lineup this time our was Ra, Legacy, Tempest, and Haka.

We went up against Citizen Dawn.  Citizen Dawn is one of the two "tough" bad guys in the game, up there with Voss.  I didn't know why at first, until she flipped, and became invulnerable about the time that a bunch of us gained major damage buffs.  We fought her in Atlantis.

Then we all lost our permanents when she went nova.  And her allies all had these synergistic abilities. It hurt.

Eventually we got to the point that none of us could play hero cards, Tempest was dead, the rest of us were very low on hit points, but Tempest kept letting Haka activate an ability that kept us from taking damage.  We went multiple rounds doing this, hoping that we could nickel and dime Citizen Dawn down, and she kept getting cards that let her heal.

This went round and round and drug out longer than any of our fights thus far, and since our game was starting soon, we called it.  I think Citizen Dawn might have won, but who knows.

Atlantis is interesting, because it has some crazy effects that can really mess you up, or can really let both heroes and villains go completely gonzo with their cards and powers.

Analysis:  Still loving this game.  Not fond of Citizen Dawn, and not because we didn't beat her, but because her synergies are crazy.  Looking forward to playing again and looking forward to the potential expansions to this game.

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