Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pre-Game Show: Deathwatch (2-15-2012)

Well, it's Deathwatch eve here at KEJR's place, and I came up with one way to get into character that I'll explore a bit more after tomorrow night's session.

As far as getting psyched up to play, I've been listening to the NerdBound Podcast actual play sessions of Deathwatch.  Its been a fun listen, and I'm always up for hearing how other people tackle a system I am running or playing in.

I also recently  (finally) finished the first Horus Heresy book, Horus Rising by Dan Abnett.  I was willing to give it a try because I had read some of Abnett's work for Marvel and enjoyed it, and I liked the novel.

Not directly inspired by, but somewhat prodded by, finishing the book, I finally got an idea to gel for a Black Crusade character.  Sometime, in the future, our Deathwatch game may shift over to make room for a Black Crusade game, and I wasn't really getting any ideas for the game.

Finally, one has started to form in my brain, but it's still a theoretical character for a potential future game, and as Yoda says, "always in motion the future is."

Anyway, the crux of the character is this.  He was the good boy favored son in the family.  He idolized his "bad boy" brother that was always getting into trouble and causing his parents grief, because his brother, deep down, was a good guy that groused at the way things are  (and in the Imperium, it's kind of understandable).

When the Imperial agents showed up looking for psykers, he was identified as someone with potential.  His father, a minor bureaucrat, muddied things up a bit so that his brother was taken instead.  Unfortunately for his brother, the "bad boy" of the family also had potential, but only enough to warrant being thrown onto the Black Ships and sacrificed to the Emperor.

After this, he left home, developed his powers in secret, and developed a hatred of the Imperium.  He has no faith in any higher power (not even the gods of Chaos), and looks down on those that are fervent in their worship of such.  He has one dangerous flaw, and that is the murderous intent that overtakes him whenever he sees any agents of the Imperium searching for psykers, or officially trained Imperial psykers.

Despite his disdain for fanatics, his allies among the forces of Chaos are his surrogate family.  Even if he hates some of them with a burning passion, he won't turn his back on them, because he desperately needs a family to replace the one that he walked away from.

I'll have to dig in more here and there to flesh him out, but I've got a framework to hang some things on now.  I'm kind of jumping into psyker because it's the part of the 40K RPGs I'm the least familiar with, and I like pushing out those boundaries a bit, especially if I ever end up running that hypothetical Rogue Trader game.

Well, the car is packed up, all the books and dice are in their place, and I should probably get some rest.  It takes a lot of energy to play a Space Wolf.

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  1. Its a shame we can't podcast sessions for our games. I think people are missing out.