Monday, February 27, 2012

Pre-pre Game Show: Why Does My Brain Shut Down?

At this point, I've already packed up all of my Rogue Trader material for Thursday night's character creation session.  I made up nice folders for all of the players with a character sheet, the campaign standards, and some scratch paper.  I also have the ship record sheet, the origin path, and the warrant and ship origin path sheets all printed out.

Over the last few weeks I've picked up a few Rogue Trader books, and I have to admit, my brain shut down.  My original intent was to plow through as many of them as possible so I could be a relatively well informed GM on a variety of topics.  As it stands, I read a lot of the Core book and Into the Storm, and a little of the rest, but not 100% of any of them.

The more I really wanted to buckle down and read, the harder it was for me to concentrate on the books.  I jumped around a lot and cross referenced tons of stuff.  I would have felt better had I been able to say that I 100% absorbed everything, but I know me.  I had too many different books for me to bounce around looking at.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty confident of the core concepts and rules of the game.  I've spent more time with the core book than anything else, and much of that dovetails with the core conceits of Deathwatch.  It's just I wanted to be able to spout chapter and verse on starship weapons and to know psychic powers in and out and . . . my knowledge is not going to be that extensive out of the gate.

Despite that, I'm pretty excited about the campaign.  I have a really good idea of what direction I want to take the game, and I have a few NPCs pretty clearly set in my mind.  I know I'll just have more material once the players get their PCs up and running.

Another thing that is interesting about Rogue Trader:  I like to watch movies and television shows that set the mood for the games I'll be playing for the week.  It's hard to come up with good military based science fiction to get in the mood for Deathwatch.  It's not that I had a hard time getting excited for Deathwatch, but little, quirky, interesting bits that might have come up in military based sci-fi was harder to come by.

Denise Richards was horrible, by NPH could totally pull off being  with the Inquisition . . . 

On the other hand, it's pretty easy to find inspiration for Rogue Trader.  Science fiction that involves traveling from here to there in a ship, strangely enough, has a lot of inspirational material.

Star Trek?  Away teams, engineering mishaps, first contact.  Heck, the original series even had some Rogue Traders in the form of Harry Mudd and Cyrano Jones.

Star Gate?  Exploring planets that have human cultures that were cut off from the mainstream human culture thousands of years ago, weird alien afflictions, pyramid shaped alien ships  (wait . . . my players may not like what that implies).

Aliens/Species/Predator?  Hostile aliens stalking humans and using them to generate their future generations at the expense of humanities continued existence, or just because it's fun to hunt and kill humans.

Anyway, just looking at all of the options on the origin paths has me really excited about the full range of potential options for the campaign.  I'm so excited I almost forgot that Justice League:  Doom is going to be out tomorrow . . . ;)

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  1. Me too. Have 2 characters about half thought out. Some jobs just shouldn't be npc'ed.