Saturday, March 10, 2012

Game Night: DC Adventures (3-9-2012)

This week's DC Adventures game was quite awesome.

GopherDave has said that he didn't think the group accomplished much this session.  I'm not sure that they didn't accomplish much.  It's true that they sidetracked off the beaten path a bit, and then used some non-linear means to accomplish the goals that were on the path,  but the journey of a thousand steps begins with a single infomercial.

Still investigating the mysterious links between various cults and power groups in the DC Universe, the Justice League New Guard regrouped at HQ, and while they were there, had a few personal issues to deal with.

Paradox got a tip on rebuilding part of Washington DC that was damaged by Geo-Force, and ends up finding out that his company undercut LexCorp to the development deal, leading to Paradox getting a phone call from Luthor "congratulating" him on his business acumen.

Marathon's ex asks him to send their daughter to an expensive private school, which seems to be on the up and up but is expensive  (and Myrmidon quietly and secretly pays the tuition before Marathon can try to scrape the money together).

Beorn gets a call from an old research friend about an unscrupulous genetics company in Canada that is doing genetic research on animals for military purposes.  Now, my initial thoughts were this . . . perhaps Paradox will call in his Canadian contacts get the League access to the company, or perhaps the group will try to sneak into the facility . . . nope.  More on that later.

Guru gets a call from his book agent that his authorship is being challenged by a medium on a talk show, and the medium is claiming that Guru used his powers to enslave a ghost to write the book for him.  Guru first wants to give the medium an embolism, but thinks better of killing him, at least after his agent asks him if he was thinking of doing something rash.

Here is where my party decides to resolve things in an interesting manner.  Guru gets booked on the talk show to rebut the claims about his writing ability.  Myrmidon decides that the infomercial worked to help them gather information on the Order of St. Dumas, so perhaps another infomercial about how evil the Canadian company is will force their hand and shut down their operations.

Guru's accuser is a medium with very few powers, and said accuser accidentally summons a restless spirit that was wronged by Guru, and summons Solomon Grundy.  While Grundy is now convinced that Guru must die to end his curse, the initial fight with Grundy involved the New Guard taking a few wounds, and Grundy being nearly untouched.

However, Fahrenheit still exploited Grundy being his "friend," and convinces Grundy that the other medium must have something to do with his curse.  So now instead of thinking that he has to kill Guru to end his curse, Grundy now believes he has to kill all mediums before his curse can end.  Still, this line of reasoning keeps Grundy tied up for a while so that he's not tearing Guru apart.

Then Myrmidon shows up.  Myrmidon didn't participate in the fight with Grundy before, and also introduced himself as a new friend, and convinced Grundy that if he likes puppies, he will be against the Canadian company weaponizing puppies.   Grundy agrees, and then agrees to show up in Myrmidon's infomercial.

In the meantime, Fahrenheit and Guru got everyone to safety.

Grundy appears in Myrmidon's infomercial, not only agreeing with Myrmidon that puppies shouldn't be weaponized, but also telling kids to stay off of drugs and stay in school.  After the shoot, Grundy heads off to Canada to stop the weaponizing of puppies.

The group calls Steve Trevor, who decides to try to find a way to deal with Grundy by calling in some favors, and the group heads to Canada to see what effect the infomercial has on the company.

Turns out, the infomercial convinces the group to start evacuating, once they facility is being protested by activists, but Guru's subtle attitude adjustment takes over a senior scientist who shows the group the secret projects going on, which include creating an agent that makes animal life want to rip humans to shreds, and experimenting on dinosaurs from Skartaris.

Paradox calls in his Canadian contacts to confiscate the equipment and animals, gathers some files, and let's Marathon analyze them, and they find a connection between the facility and Ra's al Ghul's holdings.

As fate would have it, Myrmidon has a date with Talia.  After an awkward meeting with Vicki Vale at the same time, Myrmidon takes Talia to a miniature golf course, then finds out that Talia, "Fake Batman"  (Jason Todd) and Robin  (Damian Wayne) have also been indoctrinated in the modified Lazarus pits, and attempt to kill Myrmidon to "convert" him.

The rest of the group shows up, the unfortunate brainwashed trio is defeated, and Marathon and Myrmidon call Ra's to ask him about the situation.  Ra's says that the animal modification plan was his, but that he never gave the green light for the project, but that if the Immortal Prophet has control of Talia, she might have been the one to activate the project.

Finally, the group gets a call from Trevor, informing them that Kobra wants to spill some information on his organization, but only if the Justice League comes to him in prison.

Lots of fun.  Lots of non-linear gains.  A lot of things going on that I didn't expect, but oddly, not much that I wasn't prepared for, if that makes any sense.


  1. And Myrmidon has a long awaited second date with Ms. Vale scheduled.

  2. Coincidence! One of our DC heroes has a book coming out, too! Another great sounding session. What is the deal with "Fake Batman", though? Can you explain what is going on without spoilers for your group? :D

  3. It shouldn't ruin anything for the players, as most of them already have it figured out "out of character," but "Fake Batman" is Jason Todd, having been brought back by Talia in the Lazarus Pit.

  4. I'm interested to see where you go with this.... :D