Saturday, March 10, 2012

Game Night: Pathfinder One Shot (3-10-12)

Our regularly scheduled GM had health issues, and asked me if I could run a one shot for our Thursday group on Tuesday night.  I agreed, and more or less bit off more than I could chew.

Long story short, one of the few adventures that I had read recently was probably best for 5th level characters.  I had  list of things to throw together and 7 pregenerated characters to make, but when I got home from work Wednesday, I found that I had no power.

I attempted to work out of McDonald's but in the end, it wasn't going to happen. I got through four of the seven pregens.

Making 5th level pregens for Pathfinder is a pain.  Pathfinder is not the easiest game to utilize for a spur of the moment one shot, but my go to games for one shots, Mutants and Masterminds and Savage Worlds, are not the game being played in the slot, and I didn't want to ask anyone to play something they weren't showing up to play.

Another one of the players had a Pathfinder Society adventure prepped from when he had already run it, so he offered to run that with our existing Shackled City 7th level characters.  We all said great, and sat down to play.

Kobold Diplomats

The set up for an adventure, and the underlying assumptions of the campaign, can shade how any adventure is presented.  Pathfinder Society modules are written assuming the PCs work for the Pathfinder Society, and they are receiving a job from someone that they have already agreed to take orders from.

Without that framing device, the adventure came across as a bit more forced upon our characters.  It's not our GMs fault, it just didn't gel the way the adventure would if we all worked for some group that we already agreed to work for.  So right from the start our characters were a bit more adversarial towards the NPCs than we might have otherwise been.

Now, we probably could have gone out of our way to be more cordial, and perhaps played our characters as if they were just a character that happened to have the exact same stats as our Shackled City characters.  Unfortunately, we are all pretty set on how our characters act and react, and we were playing our normal, jaded, lovable selves.

I won't give away any details, since its a PFS adventure, but it also doesn't help to be given a diplomatic mission where the targets of your diplomacy attack and ambush you at every turn.

Still, despite the frustration of being given orders by people we have no reason to listen too, and being attacked by the guys that we actually tried to talk to diplomatically, I really appreciate our GM stepping up to run the adventure when I failed in my prep time.  We got to sit around and act up and game with friends, which is the important thing.

I also picked up the Pathfinder Beginner Box, mainly because I wanted to check out the tokens, as I might be interested in the Bestiary Box coming out later this year.  I like the "pawns" as I guess they are termed, and I'll be interested in picking up the Bestiary Box when it comes out, despite having drastically slowed down my Pathfinder expenditures.

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  1. You failed at nothing. Not only are Pathfinder characters difficult to work up for pregens, but you didn't have power. Technology failing is not your failing. Fun was had. Stuff was killed. There are no reasons to be sorry or to feel like you failed.

    Also, if he reads this thanks to the sub-GM for dealing with us. Sorry it was a bit rough at times. Definitely was not directed at you, but rather at the issues which were mentioned in KnightErrantJR's blog.