Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Bought the Game and I'm Going to Play It Day! (3-4-2012)

The site for local gamer . . . um . . . gaming, Armored Gopher Games, had a day called "Damnit, I Bought the Game and I'm Going to Play It!" yesterday.  The concept is pretty simple.  Lots of gamers amass games that they never get to play.  There was an open spot on the gaming schedule . . . ta da!  An event is born!

Hanged Fool happened to have a copy of the Horus Heresy 40K board game from Fantasy Flight Games, and has been wanting to pay it, it having been a significant gaming investment for the sake of pretty bits and pieces in the box.  I was interested to give it a whack, and thus I showed up to give it a whirl.

It took probably a half hour to set up, and two hours for us to play.  I managed to just narrowly miss a spaceport victory  (i.e. controlling all of the spaceports on the Terra map when that victory condition came up on the initiative track), but went on to a much more traditional defeat as the Emperor of Mankind brought along two primarchs and a bunch of space marines to kill Horus to death on his own flagship.

Ah well, at least I wounded the Emperor.  In my mind, that means he gets a really bad infection and still eventually dies and has to be slapped into the big gold chair.  It's just a much slower, lingering almost death.  Thus my brain has changed this from a loss to what I like to call a demi-draw.  It's slightly less than a draw, which would make it look like a loss to the untrained eye.

As to the actual gameplay, it was fun, but man, is there a lot going on in this game.  It's like playing multiple games at one time.  If you take them one at a time, they aren't too hard to fathom, but if you try to wrap your brain around the entire game at once, it's going to make your head spin.

I'm also morbidly curious about the game scenario that utilizes every piece in the box, which Fantasy Flight felt they needed to disclaim by mentioning that people might love it or really hate it.  I must play this again to find out.  

The next game that I got to play was Kittens in a Blender.  Wait, why are you looking at me that way?  It's a fun card game.  You see, you each get kittens of a certain color, and you try to put your kittens in a box, and your opponents kittens in the blender, and you add up the number of kittens under the box and subtract the kittens under the blender, and the high score wins.

See, once you describe it . . . okay, it doesn't sound any better once you describe it, but it's a fun game that's really fast to pick up and fairly quick to play.  I had a lot of fun with it, and may even pick up a copy to have around the house.

Why yes, I have a dog, why do you ask?

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