Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pre-Game Show: Rogue Trader Eve (3-14-12)

I hate being sick.  Again.  For the second time this year.

Anyway, I'm sure many people are way ahead of me, but beyond just adding stuff that my players might remember, like NPCs and places, I kept thinking that there was more that I could do with my Epic Words site.

Then it occurred to me.

I can set up wikis that only I can see.

That means I can write up my outline for an adventure and set it so that only I can see it.  As long as I have access to my Epic Words site, I can look at my outline.  Don't need to type it up separately, and I can look up the NPCs that I couldn't list yet and add them in after the session.

Yup, go ahead.  Tell me if you use Epic Words and you thought of this SOOOO long ago that it's sad that I even brought it up.

Anyway, really looking forward to tomorrow night's Rogue Trader session.  Just hoping my voice recovers a bit by the time I'm running.

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