Saturday, March 24, 2012

Victory is Ours! (Sentinels of the Multiverse Rook City Expansion)

Tuesday I picked up the Sentinels of the Multiverse expansion set Rook City.  Having arrived at the store hours before I had to run my DC Adventures game, I had plenty of time to play the game and multiple friends to play it with.

Except that somehow I forgot to bring the core game with me.  

Hanged Fool even tried to buy a copy, but Armored Gopher has been busy selling this game.  Thus, no copy to buy.

Thus we come to Thursday night.  I arrive early enough before the Pathfinder game to play a game of Sentinels, and we have four people ready to go when we break out the cards.  Woo hoo!  Four heroes . . . we might win!

We picked the titular city as the environment, and Spite as our bad guy.  Spite is a drug enhanced serial killer.  If you took Szasz, Bane, and Casey Jones, put them in a blender, then taped them back together and magically got them to breathe again, the result would be kind of like Spite.

Hanged Fool took Expatriate, a new character in the expansion that gets guns and ammunition cards for equipment.

HollowerFollower took Mister Fixer, an unorthodox martial artist type that has a bunch of tools that he uses as weapons and thus equipment cards.

Our other friend  (Shale the Druid's player) took Visionary, the psychic that totally doesn't look like Moondragon, from the original set.  I took good old dependable Legacy, the all around paragon booster but sometimes damage producer from the first set.

Spite doesn't get minions or drones or anything like Voss or Citizen Dawn or Omnitron.  He gets victims and drugs.  You put out victims, and if you don't save them, he kills them and gets back hit points. His drugs make him harder to kill and start damaging the players more.

And the environment, Rook City, had some interesting effects, but it wasn't quite as gonzo as Atlantis or as actively hostile as Mars.  Sometimes side criminals would pop up, but we tended to take them out fairly effectively before they did much to us.

Twice we saved one victim, then drew the top card of Spite's deck, to see all of the other poor victims in the safe house run out and get killed anyway.  Twice.  It was like the guy we saved kept going into the safe house and telling everyone it was okay, and then wondering why no one came back in again.

Long story short, Legacy died, but he's got useful "incapacitated" abilities, most of the team was in single digits, but in the end, we took out Spite.  Our second victory!

So, the scorecard so far is:

1st game  (my daughter and me):  Beat by Warlord Voss

2nd game  (two friends and me):  Beat by Omnitron

3rd game  (four friends and me):  Beat Baron Blade

4th game  (three friends and me):  Called the game due to time, draw against Citizen Dawn

5th game  (three friends and me):  Beat by Warlord Voss

6th game  (three friends and me):  Beat Spite

And despite having my rear handed to me often, I'm still quite enjoying this game.  Here's to another expansion!

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