Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog . . .

1.  No blog about the DC Adventures game tonight.  I promise I'll get to it, however many of you might actually care about said post.

2.  Trying to prepare a one shot for the Pathfinder Shackled City group that was actually a Pathfinder one shot.  Should have tried to find something people could use their own characters in, but the only adventures I've read through recently were the Way of the Wicked adventures and the Northlands Saga adventures from Frog God Games.

3.  Found out that we don't have power at the house  (long story).  Thus, no working on pregens and prep at the house.

4.  Working at McDonald's to make 5th level Pathfinder pregens even with Hero Lab is a challenge, especially when I have other things I need to take care of yet tonight.

5.  While I am getting back into enjoying Pathfinder after some rough patches, I have to say I really enjoy being able to use existing characters (DC Adventures) or really simple character creation to throw a scenario together  (Savage Worlds).  Pathfinder one shots are work.

6.  Long story short, I basically wasted a lot of people's time trying to throw this together and failed, and I should have just handed this off right off the bat or at least realized the stars really had to align for me to do what I wanted to do.  Not feeling particularly warm and fuzzy about being a good buddy to the Pathfinder GM or my fellow players right now.

7.  Time to go home to a fairly dark house and figure out where to go next.

. . . but at least the PDF of Heroes and Villains Volume Two finally came out!


  1. Bah, you beat yourself up too much about things you can't really control. Stuff happens, no biggie, I doubt anyone is going to hurl fiery invectives at you for not having a chance to come up with a one shot adventure on such short notice. And, if they do, I'll throw my dice bag at them.

  2. Less worry. More fun having. Running a one shot on short notice and trying to cater to everyone in the group is crazy. Who cares if I want evil characters or pirates...We can play sentinels of the universe or jenga or even tok tok wood man for all I really care. Having fun with friends is what matters.

  3. And I totally care about the DC adventure update. It totally matters how you see my character. It lets me know if I am playing him right. Same time, said post not worth stressing over.