Saturday, April 7, 2012

Around the Geek-a-verse! What Have I Been Up To (When I'm Not Gaming)

Lots of family activity the last few weeks, and as such, not as much direct game activity.  That having been said, since I have a good percentage of geek in my family, there has been lots of geeky activity, even without direct gaming.

Look at me!  I'm Katniss!

Last weekend we went to the Harvest Moon Drive In  (you should go if you are anywhere around central Illinois . . . really).  The movie we went to see was the Hunger Games.  Not a bad movie.  Not brilliant, and not an entirely new concept.  Decently acted, kind of slow, pointless shaky cam at the beginning almost made me want to leave in the first 15 minutes.

The gamer side of me, of course, can see the potential for a fun RPG scenario with players put into games to survive and perform for the amusement of others.  In fact, this might go in my arsenal of Savage Worlds one shots.  Might be fun to see how it shakes out when the PCs are the only tributes left . . .

A Marvelous Return

The good news?  The Avengers animated series is back on for it's second season.  Fun first episode with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers going up against Doctor Doom.  The bad news?  Ultimate Spider-Man isn't just a strained concept with having Spider-Man on a team with other Marvel characters as teens, with all of them working for SHIELD . . . it's also a really forced and jarring attempt to do a Marvel version of the Teen Titans cartoon.

Wrath of the Sequel

Wrath of the Titans was actually not bad.  Wrath of the Titans seemed like a movie using Greek Mythological elements to tell a story, with the elements arranged to do what they wanted the elements to do instead of following the actual myths.  As opposed to Clash of the Titans, where the movie seemed to be made by people that that only knew Greek mythology through watching the original movie that they decided to remake differently but the same.

It was kind of funny to count how many back tracks there were in this movie from the original movie.  Overall not a bad fantasy movie, and Hephaestus and his "adviser" were great.  

Coolest moment for a gamer?  I really liked the scale and "feel" of the cyclopes that appeared in the film, and how that creates a visual for, say, encounters with giants in an RPG.

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