Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dramatic Personae: Earth 52 (Beorn)

Because I take it seriously when I find out that someone that isn't in my immediate circle of gaming actually reads these blogs, I'm going to take up Matthew Lane's gauntlet and present the characters in our Earth 52 Drama.

Beorn:  David Ashford has always loved animals.  To some extent, he relates better to four legged mammals than two legged ones.  An expert in computers, technology, and zoology, David secured a position at a wildlife monitoring station in the remote wilds of Alaska.

From time to time government officials would arrive to check up on the station's progress.  During one of these visits, Amanda Stiverson, a daughter of one of the government officials that would check in from time to time, came to visit.  Beorn had always been fond of Amanda, and she had always been friendly during her visits.

One of the maintenance crew at the station attempted to take violent liberty with Amander, and David attempted to aid her.  At this point, Beorn was born.  David transformed into a bear and mauled Amanda's attacker.

Before the crew went on their time altering trip to the past, Beorn was brought back to the D.C. to report on his findings and his strange new powers, where he was infected with a wasting sickness by Black Hand, in order to help him create a vanguard of Black Lanterns.  Beorn was then brought back to life by Amanda Waller as part of Project Fallback, to fill the void left when the Justice League and various other teams went missing.

After the team went back in time to stop Black Hand from infecting them  (and inadvertently allowing Atrocitus to savage Black Hand before he could ever set into motion his plan to herald the Black Lanterns of Nekron), Beorn's history changed so that he was instead recruited by Steve Trevor's Department of Metahuman Affairs as an agent, forming the team known as the New Guard.

After months of wondering at the source of his powers, Beorn was granted a vision by a powerful bear spirit that indicated that his powers were a gift to him for his work with animals, and that he was also granted these powers to give Earth another champion against future impending dangers, which would threaten all life, not just humans.  Thus, Beorn's powers are mystical in nature.

Over the months that he has been operating as a member of the New Guard, he has learned that he can make is bear form quite immense, larger than even the largest natural bears.  In many fights, however, Beorn retains the size of a large natural bear, rather than risk the complications that his increased size brings.

Beorn is a relatively quiet man with a wry sense of humor, often cutting quickly to the heart of the matter with just a few words.  He is fond of children and animals, and is content to allow others to determine the big picture so long as he can help out.

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