Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dramatic Personae: Earth 52 (Myrmidon)

Why is it that these posts are reminding me of the KISS solo albums?

Anyway, Myrmidon is next up on our cavalcade of heroes, the son of Ares!

Myrmidon:  Jason Jeffries spent much of his life having no idea he was Jason Jeffries.  Raised on an island that was frozen in time in the Bronze Age  (of Earth, not comics . . . ), Jason did not realize there was a "modern world" outside of the island where he was raised.

Amazingly well trained and superhumanly effective, Myrmidon was going to be inducted into the elite guard of the mistress of the hidden trio of islands . . . Circe.

Then one day, before any of this could happen, Myrmidon found himself at the Department of Metahuman affairs, enrolled in the New Guard program, as if he had been there for months.  No one hand any record of when he arrived or had been approved.  He simply showed up and everyone assumed he should be there.

Myrmidon had a hard time adapting to the "modern world."  He needed to have rules clearly and consistently spelled out to him before he would follow them, and was often confounded by contradictory orders or vague explanations.  Even his team members had a hard time seeing his point of view, not believing that he was actually raised on an island trapped in the Classical Era.

Eventually a series of magical artifacts led the team to Paradise Island, and Myrmidon found out that he was the son of the god Ares, who had placed him in the Department of Metahuman Affairs so that he could lead an army of metahumans to take Paradise Island for his father.  Conflicted and not wanting to disobey his father, Myrmidon did not immediately help his team, but eventually Ares was defeated, and Myrmidon resolved his place on the team, adapting better to the modern world and the constraints of the team.

Myrmidon eventually found out that he was Necromancer's cousin, and that his mother was a failed sorceress that fell in love with Ares and competed with Circe for his affections.  Circe killed his mother and had him raised on her islands so as not to invite the wrath of Ares.  Myrmidon and the New Guard assaulted Circe's island, and after a dramatic fight were the Greek gods were stripped of their powers by Circe and her allies from Apokolips, Myrmidon killed Circe.

After their pasts were altered, Myrmidon decided to help himself cope with modern life by leaving his past self notes, and by convincing his cousin to embrace his self-help writing talents.  Myrmidon became much more media savvy and much more tactical in his approach to any situation, and inherited some of Hades wealth.

Myrmidon has superhuman charm and is amazingly attractive.  He is physically more durable and stronger than a human being, though he is not as powerful as Beorn or Paradox at their peak.  He has a shield and sword from Ares' arsenal, though he only uses the sword in dire situations, as it is truly made for killing.

Myrmidon had a elusive relationship with Vicki Vale after his first visit to Gotham City.  Eventually he returned to this relationship, and the two are now engaged to be married.

Myrmidon is an honorable man.  He was raised in a time with somewhat swifter, more decisive justice, but Myrmidon also respect rules and norms of society, so long as those rules and laws do not overtly strain logic or his own code of honor.  For example, Myrmidon will normally not kill, as he is trying to act within the established norms of the Justice League, but some circumstances, such as his battle with Circe, trump this prohibition.  He also is very reverent of the Olympian pantheon, and will cede to the wishes of the proper Olympian under the right circumstances.

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