Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dramatis Personae: Earth 52 (Marathon)

The next member of our crew is the ever-curmudgeonly, sometimes borderline homicidal public dick, Marathon!

Marathon:  Wesley Tolliver was very good at being a low rent private detective in Hub City.  Married and divorced, with a daughter that he didn't get to see nearly as often as he would like, his forays into the underbelly of humanity's behavior made him even more cynical than his life experiences had up to that point.

Before the team's adventure into the past, Marathon was infected by Black Hand and was brought back to life by Amanda Waller's Project Fallback.  After the alteration of the past by the team, Marathon was recruited by Steve Trevor's Department of Metahuman Affairs and placed on the New Guard.

Marathon adopted a bright, garish superhero costume in order to draw attention to him, due to his physical ability to shake off damage.  Despite this, most of his allies don't care to let him draw fire for them.  Marathon has superhuman endurance, and can even regenerate wounds over time, and does not need to sleep or breathe.  He can fly and an incredible rate of speed, and he also has telekinetic powers.  Despite his superhuman endurance, he is not invulnerable.  He also does not have superhuman strength, but can (and has) utilized his TK to mimic the effects of superhuman strength.  His powers are metahuman in nature.  He was born with a metagene that became active.

Marathon has, in the past, adopted a "face" position with the group.  Due to his blunt nature, this has caused problems in the past, and was part of the reason that Steve Trevor recruited Paradox to act as the team's front man.

For the good of his daughter, Marathon invited his ex-wife and daughter to live in the New Guard's headquarters so that he could keep his daughter safe and sound.  This invited even more complications when his ex-wife became enamored of both Myrmidon and Paradox.  His daughter idolizes Necromancer and Beorn.

Marathon has often decided to take the most expedient course of action, such as killing a super villain, but then steps away from the decision when another course of action presents itself.  The one exception to this is his killing of Vandal Savage, but Savage's immortal nature played a part in this decision.  Thus, despite his cynicism and blunt nature, Marathon has deeper motivations than even he gives himself credit for at times.

Marathon has been shocked in the past when he assumes he knows his allies and they take a course of action that befuddles him.  His most recent surprise has been the general more positive stance that Myrmidon and Necromancer have taken.

Marathon still enjoys "tweaking" others, most recently evidenced by his interview in response to his ex-wife's tell all book.  Marathon was contrite and humble in his interviews, apologizing for any stress he put his ex-wife through, thus taking much of the wind out of the sales of her book.  Marathon knew this going into the interview, and as such, managed to be a jerk without being a jerk.

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