Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dramatis Personae: Earth 52 (Necromancer)

It's time for everyone's favorite Death loving "I'm not Goth, I'm a Necromancer," Necromancer!

Necromancer:  Daniel Cross was born to a mother that was a natural magical talent and a father that wished his life had nothing to do with magic.  Daniel's mother knew he was similarly gifted when he first started to hear spirits that had passed on.

In his youth, Daniel received rudimentary training from his mother, but never had formalized magical training due to his father's wishes. Upon becoming an adult, Daniel and his father lost track of his mother, who mysteriously disappeared.

Daniel ignored his minimal powers for a while, but began working in an occult book store.  Before the alteration of their histories, Daniel encountered Black Hand, and eventually died due to Black Hand's manipulation, and was brought back to life by Amanda Waller in Project Fallback.  After the timestream was altered, Daniel was recruited on the recommendation of his mother by Steve Trevor's Department of Metahuman Affairs for the team that would become the New Guard.

Daniel's natural magical powers run towards the necromantic.  He can fire skull shaped blasts of negative energy, and in the past has been able to summon the spirits of the dead.  He can teleport by stepping through shadows, and in the past had been able to adopt an ectoplasmic form able to pass through solid objects.  He can also reverse the deaths of those that have died recently, but this power is not always reliable.  Finally, he has a talent for ritualized magic, and has used this ability to create a staff that grants him luck and a jacket that fortifies his natural stamina and health.

Eventually Daniel found out that his mother's mysterious disappearance was due to the fact that she had become a teach at the White School, the preeminent school for magical training, and that she was working with the prodigy Timothy Hunter.  He also found out that he had an aunt who was involved with Ares, producing his cousin, Myrmidon.

Necromancer often fought against a future vision of himself as a self-help guru, who dispensed bright and sunny advice to people.  Myrmidon convinced him to embrace this future, and he managed to write a very successful self-help book about the power of positive thinking and self-determination.  For a while he decided to distance himself from his Necromancer image and wore all white tailored suits, calling himself Guru, but he eventually felt that this was against his true nature.

Necromancer has briefly been on contact with the Endless known as Death, and is quite enamored of her.

Necromancer is perennially misunderstood.  While his powers deal with death and the manipulation of life energies, Daniel himself isn't particularly morose or negative in outlook.  He gets extremely annoyed with people making assumptions about his personality based on his attire and powers.  This frustration doesn't begin with his team members  (although it continues with them).  His father also had a hard time understanding his son, his powers, and his interests.

Necromancer often becomes exasperated by his comrades, often times simply letting them think what they will instead of arguing his point any further.

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  1. Don't worry. Necromancer may be dead, but he'll return in Necromancer 2: Electric Boogaloo.