Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dramatis Personae: Earth 52 (Paradox)

And last, but certainly not least, especially when he's using his powers, the Canadian powerhouse, master of density manipulation, and former hockey star:  Paradox!

(My player has a really great picture of his character, which I can't replicate here)

Paradox:  Colin McKenzie spend much of his youth as a hockey star.  This life of excitement generated a nice amount of capital for Colin, but he felt that he should be doing more with his life, and upon retirement  (at a fairly young age), found out that he was in possession of a metagene, one that allowed him to alter his density.

Paradox became a local hero in Canada, operating with other Canadian heroes and keeping his homeland safe.  He gained government clearance and the love and adoration of his native country.  However, a personal tragedy made him wish to move on from Canada, due to the bad memories there.

About this time, Steve Trevor was looking for an established hero to lend some gravitas to the New Guard and also to act as the group's face, so that Marathon would cause fewer problems.  Seeing this as a new challenge and finding it a useful distraction from his past tragedy, Paradox accepted the offer.

Paradox's powers include intangibility, super density  (which also grants him super strength), flight  (when his density is lowered), growth and shrinking.  His powers are metahuman in nature.

Paradox is a wealthy philanthropist, and probably the most traditionally super-heroic of the group.  He is fastidious when it comes to record keeping, and before the group claimed the mantle of the Justice League, Paradox had their own headquarters in Central City built.

While Paradox was originally contracted to serve as the face of the team, he often has to fight with Myrmidon over that role, and still has to worry about Marathon's public statements and actions as well.  While Myrmidon and Marathon have gotten into legendary logic battles in the past, Paradox has, in the course of trying to be the peacemaker, been dragged into these logic debates as well, usually ending with his own headache as Myrmidon and Marathon come to a bizarre detente that Paradox can't quite fathom.

Due to the tragedy in his past, Paradox has resisted feminine advances in the past, even those from Greek goddesses.

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