Saturday, April 21, 2012

Game Night: Pathfinder RPG Shackled City--TPK, TPK, TPK!

You may recall last session all of our characters got scattered across the Realms.  How could we get back together in time for a TPK, or did said TPK happen one at a time?  Well, no, we all got back together.  We had a handy assist from the GM throwing us a cosmic entity that wanted us to keep doing what we were doing and that gave us nifty amulets that would let us avoid being banished across the Realms.

So, one cosmic bard and his giant family later, we head back into the Abyss.  This time we show up right at the place where our testing was to take place, so we dive right in, eager to see what horrible mishap or misstep would befall.

A mummy was our Master of Ceremonies for the evening, and he told us that we had to choose between fighting our way through a bebilith (huge spidery demon) or an avoral (angelic bird thing) to move on to the next stage.  So we chose the bebilith.  Yes, there was actually a debate, albeit a small one for our party.

The bebilith fight actually went fairly well.  It was such a nice false sense of security.  Sure, it bit some of us pretty hard and had a nasty poison, but the cleric can fix that, right?

Wait, the cleric and the bard were out for the night.  Hrm.

Ah well . . . onto the next challenge!

We ended up freeing the avoral and giving him one of our necklaces to let it go home.

Then we met up with our mummy MC again, and eventually ran into a Abyssal Greater Basilisk.  So a fiendish version of something that can turn you to stone by looking at you.  In order to keep my allies nice and safe, I cast Lock Gaze on the thing, forcing it to look at me, and then burned a hero point to get a +8 on my save.

Not only did we survive  (I got bit fairly well), but I managed a crit from the critical hit deck that would had resulted in bleed 30 if the thing had lived through the hit.  Yay me!  I had a staring contest with a basilisk and made it blink!

Up next, a weird maze through some cysts that reset us to the beginning if we didn't move fast enough, and a rematch with the hezrou that banished us last time.

The details get a bit sketchy here.  I remember our inquisitor blinding one of them, and glitterdust actually blinding another one, but one of them summoned another hezrou.  I remember the inquisitor almost killing the one he blinded, and the monk getting separated and running like hell.

Mainly I remember we all died.

I'm not quite sure where we got off track in the campaign, but man were we.  I'm sure there was something else we weren't quite getting or picking up on, because, man, did we bungle into some nasty situations.

Our GM got a TPK  (we count TPKs based on players present, not total theoretical party, so even with the bard and the cleric gone, the magus, inquisitor, cavalier, monk and druid all died.  And that's what really counts, isn't it?

So, our GM gets on the TPK list at the store, and now we have a few one shots to get us through May.  Our GM is, regrettably, likely to have to quit the game after May, so we're in a sort of transition period right now, as we figure out where to go from here.

Also, here is the Hulk wearing a dice hat:


  1. Uh, wow. Sorry, guys! Yeesh... So, is this the third negligent partyslaughter for me?

  2. WOW! I am impressed at your GM's ability and the fact that you have a picture of him with the old trash cans =p

  3. I took that one a while ago, and couldn't resist using it for this particular instance. Or we damaged his psyche so badly that he fell through a rift in the space-time continuum . . . either way . . .

  4. That ok. Nothing sad when Hulk wear dice hat!

  5. I almost forgot about that picture . . . I'll be editing soon . . .