Saturday, April 7, 2012

Game Night: Pathfinder Shackled City--Never Split the Party . . . Across the World

I'm not sure what is wrong with our Pathfinder group.  I say that not as an accusation or a reprimand of any kind.  I honestly don't know what is wrong with us.  We seem to be bouncing from one insanely dangerous situation to the next and wandering face first into every bad thing we could possibly wander into.  I'm sure there are countermeasures to be taken, but despite having a huge party, it's just not happening.

Currently the group is:  human cleric, goliath druid, human cavalier, human monk  (zen archer), half-elf magus, human bard, and oread inquisitor.  All 8th level.

The oread inquisitor is replacing our lost aasimar rogue that died last session.  Unfortunately our other human druid had to retire from the group, placing us at seven.

In the aftermath of our demonic manhandling last session, we found ourselves in the middle of a desert after having a dying paladin tell us not to go home and to face the smoking eye to keep the curse from falling on the city, or words to that effect.

As fate would have it, a sorcerer shows up that wants to take us to some plane that used to be part of Heaven but broke off into the Abyss, and there is a Test of the Smoking Eye to determine who is the ruler of the plane, after the previous arch fiend that ruled it disappeared.  Hey, that sounds like something completely insane yet related to what the paladin was talking about!

Some members of the party were a bit hesitant to venture into the Abyss, but hey, I'm an Adventurer, I like random prophesies that make us into the Last Best Hope and crazy schemes like taking over a level of the Abyss.  It's what we do!  Thankfully, the cavalier liked the idea of ruling a plane and the sorcerer talked Chesterfield, our bard, into the trip, and we were off!

The Thrill of Victory!

As we set out across a plane where the ground appears to be made of flesh, we ran into a grey, toad like humanoid creature.  It was a grey slaad, but I had no idea given my Knowledge, The Planes check.  He hovered in the air and attacked us with Chaos Hammer, then summoned a Blue Slaad.

Chesterfield got to try out his dispel magic by getting rid of the summoned Slaad.  The inquisitor set up a Field of Infinite Effects around the grey slaad.  I gave the cavalier a phantom steed to temporarily replace the poor, lamented lost animal companion whose blood he almost downed in, and, once riding into the Field of Infinite Effects, the cavalier did Infinity x 4 damage with his lance while bearing down on the slaad.

Beautiful teamwork.  The cleric saved my magus, who took con bleed from trying to sneak up behind the slaad.  We got ready to move on.

(Oh yeah, I got to surprise the party by using a spell that didn't have anything to do with making me more likely to hit when I shot a lightning bolt or two at the slaad . . . which of course didn't do full damage, but hey, I didn't want to just sit and wait for him to get in range)

The Agony of Defeat!

As we still kept towards our goal, our GM rolled up a random encounter.  A  random encounter with two hezrou.  At least I recognized what these monstrosities were, and I knew enough to know that this was going to suck.

Two blasphemies later, and only the oread inquisitor and the cleric  (as well as the NPC sorcerer) were still on the same plane as the hezrou demons.  The rest of us had been randomly banished across Faerun.  And I do mean randomly.

It was at this time that the emergency Plan B came up.  The cleric used a spell to banish extraplanar creatures to bump the Inquisitor out, and the sorcerer shifted the cleric out of the plane.

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Two of us ended up in Lapaliia, the druid ended up in the High Forest, and the cavalier ended up in Cormyr.  Someone ended up in Kara-Tur . . . I started to loose track once I heard where I ended up.


For those of you that aren't familiar with the Realms, Thay is a horrible place ruled by evil wizards.  Said evil wizards don't like other arcane spellcasters operating in their borders.  Their greatest enemies are in the nation of Aglarond to the south, which has a huge population of half-elves.

I have an arcane spellcasting half-elf.

Not quite sure how this is going to shake out.  On top of all of that, I'm pretty sure I have the bag with all of the money in it.  Hooray!


  1. Aren't Thayans a bunch of racist slavers as well?

  2. Pretty much. But I am not Rashemi, so I might have a chance, if it weren't for the damn pointed ears and such.

  3. Hey, don't worry. Once Sir Albert becomes King of Cormyr, my army of Purple Dragon Knights and Warmages will invade Thay and rescue you.

  4. Not before Enoch (who ended up in another game setting) and his loyal cadre of Wu Jens Greater Teleports in from Kara-Tur to blast the Thayans.