Sunday, April 15, 2012

Game Night: Rogue Trader--Family Matters (4-15-2012)

Jumping right into the recap for the Rogue Trader game . . .

After picking up a new ship, the crew gets called back to Port Wander, because the family patriarch wants to his heir to name one of his uncles as the captain of the new ship.

In the Warp, the ship hits a Warp Shoal of unreality, and does a massive ton of damage to the hull.  It took about two months in port to repair, and I think I did it wrong  (much to the group's chagrin, I actually think once they failed the aquisitions test, they may have been SOL for any more repairs . . . one of those things I need to double check).

Our intrepid Rogue Trader named the uncle that may have had his father killed as captain  (he was the most qualified, as one uncle has good contacts and a bad temper, and the other one is just a sycophant).  The uncle with the bad temper sent a present to the Lux Invictus, and then tried to unsend it, and then the ork noticed his frantic "unsending."

The present turned out to be a shipping crate filled with a mated pair of terrorax from Burnscour, to be set loose to cause fear and injury in the under decks.  With this knowledge in place, instead of sending the crate back, the Rogue Trader had Acrisius and his crew build a Xenos habitat and called the crew together to watch an arena match between Remmy  (the arch-militant) and the ork, and Acrisius, since he didn't get out of the arena fast enough.

This is where we were reminded that our crew of Explorers are not Space Marines.  In Deathwatch, over and over again, we kind of laughed off fear, since it just did a few points of cohesion, which we usually got back by using fate points.  Explorers in Rogue Trader, however, shall indeed know fear, and that fear causes stuff like vomiting for 1d5 rounds or dropping your stuff or taking -10 on your actions.

On top of all of this, the Rogue Trader started off the fight giving his leadership bonus to the terrorax so that they could make a good show of the fight.

Acrisius and Lockjaw survived.  Remmy kind of survived, after loosing an arm and burning a fate point.  The terrorax made a pretty good show of it for everyone.  They even managed to do some damage to the ork, who is the closest thing the party has to a Space Marine . . . mechanically speaking.

(The Terrorax, by the way, are from a sneak peak that Fantasy Flight put out from the Koronus Bestiary, which I'm anxiously waiting for at this point)

For the record, let me reinforce this.  The arch-militant burned a fate point and lost an arm on a completely avoidable encounter.  It made perfect sense in game for the Rogue Trader to do what he did, but I love it anyway.

The group also got a message from their Stryxis "friend," and they head off to Footfall to meet him.  In the Warp, they find a burned out hull with some valuables on it, and decide to tow the ship to Footfall to start refitting it.  In the meantime, they run into an Ebon Geist, which which could have been a nasty customer, but the Astropath (!) managed to get a power off and then get a good hit in with his brand new power sword.

Then they found out they were lost and had to make a few checks to start the navigation process over again.

All in all, a very fun night.  The ork sang.  Acrisius is having trouble with an engineseer that is more or less bending over backwards to stab him in the back by being competent.  Good times.

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