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Game Night: Rogue Trader--Where Did We Put That Planet Again? (April 1, 2012)

The bad:  unfortunately we were short two players.  I have a group of six for the campaign, and two of my players were unable to attend.  Our Astropath and our Arch-Militant were unable to attend, leaving only our Rogue Trader, Navigator, Ork Freebooter, and Explorator.

The ironic:  I made sure to plan more combat because the ork and the Arch-Militant didn't has as much to do last sessions since there was a lot of "establishing" moments for the campaign.

The good:  The game went really well once we got going, and it seemed like everyone had a lot of fun. I think I almost killed Loq again  (she even mentioned that it might be a recurring event for the campaign journal . . . "Loq almost died tonight . . . again").

The group had the NPC sceneschal file the legal documents to contest ownership of a planet that the Imperial Guard was using for training operations.  Not only was this a fun way to try and get the garrison off of he planet, this also led to a rather amusing discussion of the proper application of sacred white out to imperial documents according to the Explorator.

On the planet itself, the guard was pulled back to their carrier in orbit, and the group found another trade ship trying to  hide among the moons of the planet.  They hailed the ship, more or less to let them know they weren't hiding as well as they had hoped.

On planet, the group started to look for potential "Eldar artifact hiding places," when they were ambushed by Kroot mercenaries and their Kroot hounds.

As a side note, I had thought to not have the kroot hounds in the encounter, but to have one of the Kroot mercenaries on a Krootox.  This was one of those reality checks for using 40K RPG profiles from other 40K RPGs.  The Krootox appeared to be a bit much for Rogue Trader characters to handle . . .  let slip the Kroot Hounds of War!

It was a fun "all party" combat.  The Navigator melted the brains of three of the Kroot, and the ork not only took on the Kroot Hounds, but also bit one back after he got bitten.

When the Kroot Shaper showed up, the Rogue Trader defused the situation, and then hired the Kroot to take them to the "sort of" rival Rogue Trader that was operating in the area and looking for the Eldar artifact himself.

With their new guides, the Rogue Trader and his group entered the cavern, met the rival, and fought him and his Loxatl bodyguards.  The rival trader fell through the floor of the cavern after having been shot multiple times and set on fire with a plasma pistol.  The loxatl were a bit tougher, but once they went down, the flechette blasters were appreciated as an oddity by the Rouge Trader.

The team eventually figured out that the cavern under the cave was a huge xenos artifact of some sort that ran all over the planet.  As an aside, there were lots of fate points spent on knowledge rolls that didn't quite work out.  In the end, the displays in the hallways appeared to have to do with finding other systems where the planet could sit in orbit and still be habitable.

At this point, the Eldar show up.  Interestingly, the ork is apparently effectively immune to the standard arms and armor of the Eldar corsairs.  Rather than play out a futile one sided fight, the running gag became that the ork completely ignored the Eldar as they continued to fire shuriken ammo at him.

The Eldar attempted to convince the Rogue Trader to leave, the Rogue Trader made a counter offer to attempt to get the corsairs to work for him, and then the corsairs committed to a suicide mission, setting themselves off with plasma grenades as well as turning on the artifact . . . in a bad way.

The Rogue Trader had the Teleportarium ready to go, and the group teleported back to the Lux Invictus before the fireworks happened, and in space they watched the whole planet fold in upon itself into the Webway.

Then the Rogue Trader convinced the Imperial Navy officers that they owed him a favor for not reporting how badly they had screwed up for not finding the Xenos caverns under the surface of the planet.

Finally, the Explorator found a holo shielded Eldar ship booking away from the planet at high speed.  This seemed to everyone to be a fine time to try out the Nova Cannon.  Wow is that an insane weapon.  So insane that getting more ammo for the weapon is a major hassle even for a Rogue Trader.

Two rounds of cannon fire and the Eldar ship was reduced to some xenotech components for salvage, which has the Explorator terrified, since the Lux Invictus was a gift from the Adeptus Mechanicus and is considered holy by them.  Not exactly the kind of ship that you want to have heretical components on, especially if you have Tech Priests that want to take a tour of the holy ship.

Finally, Medea, the warp witch mascot that the crew picked up last time around, has begun to propose that she bear the Rogue Trader's child, so that she has a bigger stake in the family, and has begun to ever so careful angle the Rogue Trader towards getting rid of his grandfather, leaving him in direct control of the family.

Looking forward to the next session.  Glad we had a practice run on the Nova Cannon outside of full blown ship to ship combat.  Navigator powers are insane.  I have no more simple statements to make.

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