Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Wife Is Amazing (I Have A Galaxy Tab): Comic Book Apps

My wife got me a Galaxy Tab 10.1 out of the blue, because she is awesome like that.  I've been going app crazy figuring out what I want on this thing, but being the kind of geek I am, I had to check out the comic book apps for the Android Market.

I love Comixology's app.  I really like reading comics much more on my tablet than on my lap top.  I love the way the comics flow from page to page, or panel to panel if you want them to pan that way.  Some of the cut and pan movement within a panel are just genius and actually really help to tell the story.

I've gotten comics from several different publishers, and they all move nicely to some extent.

I skipped over checking out Marvel's app.  Mainly for two reasons.  If I want a comic downloaded specifically to my tablet, I'll probably get it through Comixology.  Secondarily, I still have my unlimited digital subscription to Marvel's site, and if I want to read through their archives, I've still got to go through my laptop, as the Marvel app only works for individually downloaded comics that are purchased individually.

Finally, since I really wanted to check out Star Wars:  Dawn of the Jedi, given that I'm pretty keen on the storyline in The Old Republic, I picked up Dark Horse's app, since they have a proprietary digital system and don't sell their stuff on Comixology.

Wow.  If anyone from Dark Horse comes within a thousand miles of this blog, I hope that this comment somehow echoes through the internet ether to you.  Your interface sucks.  It is clunky and ugly and way behind Comixology's app.   It is so bad and clunky that comics that I want to read  (mainly Star Wars and Conan comics) I won't read on your app, and since I don't buy actual physical comics anymore, that means I'm not buying your stuff.

The best thing Dark Horse could do is look at how Comixology's app works and make it work just like that.  Ugly framing and clunky movement aren't going to bring them into the future, and there are plenty of other options out there in the digital comics-sphere.

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