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Game Night: DC Adventures, Warworld Wedding Reception (May 5th, 2012)

When last we left our intrepid heroes, Necromancer was dead, Marathon was married to Mongal, and the rest of the team was trying to figure out which character got the worse end of the dead.

Because I know it would be very easy to have Necromancer reenter the game without much of a thought about the fact that he was dead and now he isn't, I wanted to make sure and highlight the fact that he died last session.  Thus, we began with a special scene.

Necromancer was in a completely empty place, with the exception of the company of Death from the Endless.  She tells him that he risked his life pretty recklessly, and that people didn't see him as negatively has he thought they did, at least as Necromancer.  She then showed him what his friends were doing and thinking after he died.

I went around the table and asked each player what they were thinking and doing in the wake of Necromancer's death, so that he could see how his friends reacted to their demise.

Fahrenheit was surprised and wondering if he could claim Necromancer's stuff.

Myrmidon was devastated at his cousin's sacrifice.  He also wondered why Necromancer hadn't gone intangible  (ahem . . . since Necromancer was rebuilt after the origin altering mission without his intangibility).

Beorn was still at home watching Netflix because the rest of the team had forgotten to pick him up at the end of the last session.

Paradox and Marathon both felt partially responsible for Necromancer's passing, for varying reasons, but mainly boiling down to not laying down a specific plan on who was going to risk themselves and how they were going to survive.

Death then warned Necromancer that if he used his powers to return to "life" as an undead creature, he'd be more alone than he had ever been.  Necromancer acknowledged this, but returned anyway, and there was much being creeped out, with the group asking him if he was alright and that he looked a little . . . ragged?

Still, there was business to attend to, and Beorn was pried away from Netflix in order to have his fight with Mongul for control of Warworld.  Mongal confided in Marathon that the yellow lantern corps would not relinquish their goals just because Mongul was deposed, and that their best bet was to shut down the Subspace Interference Generator that was preventing FTL travel into Earth's solar system.

Marathon came up with a plan.  He and Beorn would attend the challenge  (obviously), and he would use his subtle TK abilities to aid Beorn in the fight from the stands.  Necromancer and Myrmidon would head to the generator in an obvious manner, causing a ruckus, while Fahrenheit and Paradox took the back way into the facility.  Amazingly, the group all followed the plan, and Fahrenheit added to it by asking if Mongal could demand an honor guard, thus drawing back even more yellow lanterns from the generator.

Team Distraction  (Necromancer and Myrmidon) ran into Romat Ru, and Myrmidon's stubborn refusal to be injured much started to make Romat Ru question his ability to cause great fear and to master his own.

Team Infiltration made it to the generator.  Fahrenheit masked their heat signatures and Paradox started evaluating the generator.  In the generator room, Lyssa Drak and Arkillo were standing guard, but Myrmidon made such a ruckus a few levels up that they left to investigate, and Fahrenheit welded the door shut to give Paradox more time to figure out how to shut down the generator.

Team Distraction did their job well, but Necromancer was ground down to paste . . . twice.  Rebuilt as an undead creature, he can resurrect almost immediately . . . but he actually has to die.  Both time he was crushed by Arkillo's giant spiked mace, he was only incapacitated.  Thankfully, eventually something would happen and Arkillo would further grind him to paste and let him resurrect.  Still, it was pretty amusing when he realized that if he was just incapacitated, he looked like a lifeless corpse all over again that can't do anything, even figure out how to die so he can resurrect.

Up top, Beorn and Marathon's subtle team attack on Mongul eventually wears him down  (Mongul just cannot seem to break hugs), and the challenge is complete, causing the yellow lanterns to get restless about who would be in charge of what.  One of them starts to confront Marathon over keeping to the plan of invading Earth, and he wallops them.

Eventually Team Infiltration gets the generator shut down, and arrives in time to see Myrmidon fall dying as well, and then Necromancer comes back to life, then brings Myrmidon back to life, then Necromancer dies again, and then comes back  (his ability to raise the dead now causing him to die, until he resurrects).

Up topside, before a full blow fight with a score of yellow lanterns can break out between Mongal, Marathon, and Beorn, LEGION shows up, having been hired by some concerned Green Lanterns that have not heard from the Lanterns of Sector 2814, and being warned off by the Guardians.  Lobo starts to mop up the lanterns, and Vril Dox strikes a deal with Marathon to secure the area for the cost of a yellow lantern ring.

The whole team catches Romat Ru  (who Myrmidon has shaken so badly that he loses his ability to use his ring), Arkillo, and Lyssa Drak in the middle, and Lyssa surrenders, putting herself at Paradox's mercy.  Before he can arrest her and turn her over to Earth authorities, LEGION takes possession of the yellow lantern prisoners so that they can charge Oa for the bounties on all of them.

Shortly after the LEGION mop up, Green Lantern corps members arrive and ask to discuss the entire situation, including the big hole in reality near Jupiter's moons where the JLA  (and the GLs) fell, and what to do next.

Before that, however, Mongal says goodbye to Marathon.  Marathon is taken aback, as he was already planning on trying to figure out how the marriage was going to work.  Mongal explains that she simply needs an heir, and that eventually she will bring the progeny back to see it's sire, and perhaps they will need more heirs, but until then, she will take Warworld elsewhere.  Marathon is more despondent that he initially thought he would be over this development, and Mongal tells him that he should also refrain from spawning any other heirs, as they might need to be eliminated.

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  1. Yeah, I definitely need to work on Necromancer some more. He didn't work as intended and I probably shouldn't have gone with the squick inducing zombie version of him either. But I'll figure something out!